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godrej aerI wake up to the chirping of the birds outside, as the Sun slowly starts to fill the sky with its colourful hues in the eastern horizon. Feeling still sleepy, I want to sleep more and donot want to get up - but the excitement that awaits outside has me insanely tempted already. I slowly push my blanket aside and get up. Then suddenly energized, I rush out to the balcony to take it all in. Ah...that morning freshness, the cool crispy air filled with healthy goodness. The 'goodness' smelling all so good, it drives my senses to another zone already ~ some place magical; mystical. I want to explore more of it - that fragrance of goodness and unadulterated freshness early morning. It all feels so splendid.

godrej aerFrom corner of my eyes, I see the morning newspaper guy come peddling away in his cycle, dropping at each home in the neighbourhood 'the news' from the world that he carries, wrapped in his fingers. He is whistling away, happy and content in his simplicity. Yes, pure joy can be found in simple things. Watching him, I get the cue. I want to cycle away in such gay abandon too, but not be limited like him ( as it is work he is doing ), but explore the world instead - fully, madly, wildly! Over the hills, down through valleys, underneath cascading waterfalls, maneuvering over slippery rocks that peeks over rippling streams, as well as cruising over open spans of meadows grassy ~ riding away to glory, riding into ecstasy. Stalking butterflies, chasing lillies, capturing enthralling aromas of wild-berries, falling in love with nature's miracles ah..so enchanting! And to catch the myriad fragrances of life that I discover in the way, I grab my basket and set forth straightaway.

godrej aerAs I go to fetch my bicycle, I pass by my mother's little garden that's on full bloom in this amazing weather. Colourful flowers amidst the green dew-glazed leaves of sprawling plants and trees ~ ah! a heady mix of pleasant fragrance concocted, that has me breathing-in deeply. I stop a while to admire my mother's botanical skills, that has my house looking like nature's own little heaven. I'd love to bring all those heady fragrances inside, but there's more. Because, my trail is yet to start - of discovering amazing fragrances and collecting them in my basket. Fragrances of the wild, untamed nature.

godrej aer

That's me on my beloved bicycle
Come and join me as I peddle,
Chasing rainbows, I have yet another task today,
See my pretty basket?
Have to fill it with fragrances that come my way!

In the woods that I meander through,
I come upon whiffs of fragrance so delightful,
As though the tree leaves and its barks
Have all weaved up a magic potion.
I'd like to carry the fragrance of those woods,
Back to my home; smell it everyday,
As though lost in Nature's lap,
Though its my bed that I wake from
After my daily nap.

I come upon gardens of wild exotic flowers,
Not the usual ones from my mother's garden,
These are some of nature's undiscovered
And unexplored rare pleasures.
I heap my basket with these blooms,
Its fragrance now mingle with the ones
I've already gathered so far.
My basket smelling intoxicating and heady,
As I keep adding more such aromas.

I pick up spices that I get,
Smelling good smelling fresh,
Into my basket I keep on adding,
Never tiring always exciting.
In my search I discover more and more,
Quaint herbs, fruits and flowers galore,
All mixed in my basket, gives the most
Alluring smell one can ever find.

I pause by the river-side,
Immediately I feel the peace, the quiet,
Into the basket I quickly add
The fragrance of a peaceful mind,
My basket is now filled with fragrances
That I've collected whole day,
When its time to return home, I know exactly
Which fragrance I want, and what way.

godrek aer

Comes in Petal.Crush.Pink ( rose & jasmine ), Cool.Surf.Blue and Fresh.Lush.Green

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