Cat -lover? Errrmm...lover is not quite the right word. Because, I certainly don't love cats, or for that matter, any pets at all. Hmmm....lets see a 'Feeder'?? should be the Reluctant cat-feeder! Thats it....cos' thats what I'm precisely doing currently - albeit very reluctantly.

As already mentioned, I'm a big time no-no when it comes to pets. I dislike pets, yes, I do! Its perfectly normal, not to like pets too, you see. Our tribe exists as well. Now, before all animals lovers and peta people come chasing after me, let me clarify, that - although, I"m not a pet lover, I don"t mean them any harm, till of course, they leave me alone as I'd do the same. I never get in their way, so, would expect the same courtesy from them as well. And we'll all live happily ever after in our own 'separate' spaces.

Now, only if it happened that way, right? Every time on the road, I find all kinds of stray dogs wanting to fraaaanship me. And all kinds of cats coming and going from our compound, as though, it were their ancestral property, and not mine. Hmmph! One, once, even took the liberty to lay all its kittens in our attic. My mother tried to chase them away, but, as if they'd care to listen, no? Huh! I thought, now, if they've made it their home, they better fend for themselves too. So no feeding-sheeding from my side. I'd ignore their existance, and hopefully, they wouldn't encroach any further. But, does it ever happen the way I wish? Hell no!!!

So, two days back, one feline furball decided to give me the shock of my life. It crept into one room, the tenant of which has been away a month, through the ventilator via the terrace. Once coming inside, I guess, it is not been able to get out, so its 'meowing' the whole place down! It caught my attention no doubt ( although, I didn't see it, only heard its frantic meows), and I'm at my wits end wondering what to do. The boy who lives in the room won't be back for couple more days, and his room is locked from outside. So, I'm unable to free the cat. The cat too doesn't go back the way it came, so we both are stuck with each other.

Since, I didn't want it to die ( okay, I have that much heart you see, whew! ), I tried feeding it chappati and bread, but a google search informed me that, its the least thing it'd want to eat, cat being meat eaters... Now, I could do well without this unnecessary burden, and ignore it perhaps; because the cat, if it really wants, it can definitely try escape via the ventilator or window ( both are open ); but no, it just wants to try my patience, knowing fully well my dislike for them #grrr. So, it is staying put in the room. Humanity or is it Animanity, lol, made me google up more and even make a quick visit to to nearest pet-shop and get some cat-food for it. Phew!! Kya kya karna pad raha hai....who would've thought, I'd visit a pet shop, ever!! The very thought, makes my head spin :o Anyways, so I got few packets of cat-food and giving it every few hours, together, with some water+milk mixture. I don't know if its eating or not, because, I'm throwing the stuff either through the ventilator or pouring underneath the door.

The fact that it comes near the door meowing as soon as I prepare to feed, makes be believe it's been eating. So, although, its not something I'm enjoying doing - I have become the reluctant cat-lover err feeder :| go figure that!

Update : PANIC SETS IN - So, the third day or so, i.e today, after going through the same feeding pattern, both my mother and myself got spooked when inspite of knocking and mimicking its meows, the cat didn't respond. After a long time we heard a faint meow...but, it was so faint that we feared if it was unwell or perhaps dying. I'm not really used to feeding cats, so got alarmed if we did it the wrong way perhaps. So, whole day I made my mother try out different numbers of plumbers, carpenters and labourers we knew, if they could help break the lock. The cat's spooky silence got us really freaked, and towards evening we mananged to get someone to break open. Once the lock was open, was I furious or what! The cat lazily came out from underneath the bed, nicely yawning and stretching and all. So, it was not only alive; but hale and hearty, and really kick-ass as well. Damn, I so so regretted getting the poor boy's lock broken. The cat...the naughty, and really really mean cat to get us all panicked so much. We tried shooing it away, and, it just wouldn't go. It rubbed itself and was really unconcerned about the heart-attack it nearly gave us. It was a sight in itself...light brown-goldenish, elegant with slight whitish on the face and tip of its tail. Alas, it did go out of the compound in the end, but will it be back? I hope not! :3



I closed my eyes shut. The familiar sound near my bed had woken me up again. It had become a regular occurance, of late. As though destined for what was to come next, I resigned myself to it, my fate. All hairs in my body, especially at the back of my neck had stood up; in fear, in helplessness. A chill went down my spine. It would happen again, and I would not be able to do anything about it.

I lay on the bed, on my side as still as I could....motionless. I could barely move, as though paralysed. I could hear it moving around my bed, until it stood behind my back, in front of the bed and then, after a few paused moments, that familiar pressure in my bed. It lay behind me slowly, as it crept up on my back, almost. I could smell a strange almost weird uneartly fragnance, spread all around me, enveloping me, and its heavy breath came upon my neck and back, making a growlish hissy sound. Dreadfully, I waited for it to get over soon, only that, time stood absolutely still. I felt my back become warm as it hugged me in its embrace. I wanted to scream out, but I couldn't. It pressed its entire form more and more into my back, as though digging onto me. It just felt all warm. I sensed danger but I also knew, it wouldn't really harm me. Bruise me perhaps, or try and make me succumb to it and gain control of me, possess me. But it wouldn't kill me, not yet. It needed me ( or any human ) alive, so that these nightly exploits could continue; atleast, as long as it wished, or found its next prey. It needed a live human for what it was trying to do, violate my body. It needed humans for its carnal(?) exploits. And, it was not a human.
This last thought, and realisation ran an alarm bell in my mind. I just could not let it happen. No! I had to resist myself...fight it out. I tried to push it, mentally; and, sensing my struggle, it grew aggresive ~ its growlish hissy breath more sinister as it grabbed me in its hold and tried to pin me down.

No...!!!! I pushed it away. It was the hardest few seconds of my life. I tried to shake my paralysed state awake, and pushed and pushed myself till atlast I managed to turn in my bed. I forced my eyes open, and 'it' wasn't there anymore. Nothing was there infact. The clock ticked away at the mantlepiece. Through the faint moonlit night, I could see it was past 3 am!! That hour...oh! I was fully awake now, and recollected what had just happened. I was all alone in my bed. Nothing else was in it. I turned around to make sure. Yes indeed, nothing was there. So, it was all a dream, or rather a nightmare I thought to myself, a sense of relief creeping into me. As I lay on my bed again and drifted off slowly, that strange unearthly smell was what I last remembered, and what had lingered on....