Yes, yes I know, I've always claimed snobbishly that cricket is just not my kinda thing; that, how much I preferred quicker games that keeps the adrenaline juices pumped up, at a high, compared to cricket that was somewhat a much slower game and which took the entire day up with you slouching in front of your sofa lazily. That was of course much before the advent of the T-20's ~ when cricket was either a Test Cricket that ran for 5 long days ( seemed an eternity ) or a 50 overs One Day match. But when it came to an India-Pakistan & an India-Australia match, all my snobbery went out of the window. I remember the times when the Indian team was playing down-under ( i.e in Australia or New Zealand ) and I'd keep my alarm on at about 3AM, just so I didn't miss a single match.

So, much as I hate to admit it, I do become a cricket fanatic whenever India is playing. And oh boy, with T-20's, my wish for quicker ending games have been thankfully answered. These games have lesser overs, and your heart is literally in your mouth anticipating the outcome of the matches. Not to say, you are in a dilemma too, as to which team to support, as all your favourite cricketers seem to be in different colourful teams ( with catchy names to boot! ). And all the teams look equally HOT! Whoah! It certainly drives you crazy, and when something comes up that could hinder the possibility of watching the matches even remotely - then all hell breaks loose. You'd rather kill someone than miss a match :D


"We have to talk," my fiance was saying, sitting across the table. He was feeling neglected at my obvious lack of enthusiasm in him, since past few days, and was trying to have a conversation. "It is very important, ND!"
"Yeah, sure. Go on." I replied, my mind straying somewhere else, as I kept peeking at my watch. Its going to start any moment, I thought to myself - and I do not want to miss it.
"Come on ND, look at me. Since last ten minutes, all you've been doing is looking at that damned watch of yours. Not once you smiled at me even," he was complaining.
I looked up at him wearily, wishing he'd get it done with whatever he wanted to say.

"Look, are you happy in this relation? Or do you have someone else? You can tell me about it." He sat up looking at me concernedly, though still patient and all ears.
"Uh Huh!" I murmured, barely hearing what he was saying and looked at my watch again. I think I'll miss it today, damn!
Sameer drew a sharp exasperated breath, convinced that it was all over - the way I was responding to him.

"Okay fine! As you wish. If you have someone and don't want to tell me about it - it's okay. I understand. I won't force you. You're free!"
"Free? Are you finished with what you had to say?" I instantly jumped up from my seat, totally distracted, and not hearing a single thing he had just said.
Sameer kept quiet and slowly removed the engagement ring ( the one I had given him ) from his finger, and shrugged his shoulders. His eyes were all gloomy; jaws clenched tight, knuckles all white. He was trying hard to control his emotions. I was puzzled, then suddenly realized that something was wrong. But I had to go urgently. I received an SMS, just moments ago, that the 'toss' was over. The match was about to start. I couldn't miss that! This conversation could wait.

"Look Sameer, I'm sorry but I really have to go. Mumbai Indians are batting first and I just have to reach home fast - I can't miss the game. I'm awfully sorry, my mind was on the Pepsi IPL the whole afternoon." I finally blurted out.
Sameer instantly heaved a sigh of relief, as though a huge mountain was lifted off his chest. He quickly pushed the engagement ring back into his finger.

"Its the match that has got you to behave like this? Phew! heavens, I should've known!" Energy came back in his voice at last. "Come, we will watch it in my place. Thankfully, my folks are exactly like you cricket-crazy." He said, nearly chuckling away now.
"How come you're not?" I asked, as I blushed at the prospect of watching cricket for the first time with my to-be-in-laws.
"I am crazy too, but about you," Sameer whispered huskily, as he quickly pushed out some notes from his wallet. And before I knew it, he had ushered me out of the restaurant.

By magic or sheer luck, we reached Sameer's home just as the first over was about to start.
Sameer's whole family was ogling at the huge television set, wide-eyed, barely noticing me. Rightly said by Sameer, they were indeed cricket fanatics. So, relation nearly broke that day, because I didn't want to miss the IPL match :D

Sameer recently introduced me to the cool features loaded Star-Sports website & mobile App; where one can watch match or get latest IPL updates. "These are designed to save our marriage," Sameer joked, knowing my craze for the sport. Incidently, he is hooked to Star-Sports & IPL too, all thanks to me. We support opposing teams in a match, just to keep the spirit of the game alive. Yes, it constantly sparks our love too.


1. Fastest Scoreboard - A scoreboard that delivers faster than anyone else.
2. Zip Clips - Quick videos that capture key match points in real time.
3. Action Recap - Catch up with the match quickly and completely, no matter when you come in.
4. Infografix - Informative snippets with a visual twist, for your entertainment.
5. Deferred Live - FREE video stream of the match with 5 minutes delay.

Though, all are just too good ( see starsports link below for more details on them ) and literally changes the way we've watched the game so far, my obvious favourite is gotta be the Action Recap feature. With a hot beau like Sameer beside me, I'm bound to get distracted at times. So, that's when the 'action recap' feature will come most handy ( for both of us ) so that we don't miss any of the action on the Pepsi IPL field.


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This post is a part of Cricket just got better! Activity by starsports in association with BlogAdda | ( Images Courtesy : ) | The T20 keeps you at the edge of the seat throughout the game! Until the last ball is bowled, you aren’t sure who is going to win the game! Saying that every match has a nail-biting finish would be an understatement when it comes to the Pepsi IPL! The last over sees everybody physically viewing the screen but they’re actually busy honestly praying for their supported team to win. The yells & screams that you hear from each house or restaurant at the end of a match are probably louder than the players on the stadium shout themselves! Games of such intensity! How? Just how can you afford to not be in touch with it constantly? You need an update after each ball to know where your team stands. You are in office physically but your mind is at the stadium. When you are in the bus, you can’t wait enough to get home and see what stage the game has reached! Cricket on the go, is what starsports has for you! Starsports has the fastest scorecard that delivers faster than anyone else and a free video streaming of the match! Available on almost every device.

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