The above picture is from a news portal. The news talks about how a courier boy used to siphon away goods meant for delivery and ran an illegal racket, whereby he sold off these stolen goods. You'll think, so what! Nothing new! Such things happen all the time. You hardly take notice when it happens to others and brush it off. But when it actually happens to 'you' - it leaves you stunned & shocked. And this time it happened to Me! And boy! Was I stunned or what! The pictures below are mine. Read on, what led me on to click them :-)


What you see above are the entrance of Blue Dart office near my place. Never did I imagine, I'd have to go knocking at them one day. I've been regularly recieving goods delivered by Blue Dart for over a year now. The courier boy who drops the parcel is very familiar to me, because he's the only one who's been coming all these while. I remember, once when the door was knocked, I asked from inside - "Kaun hai?"
"Courier!" Pat came the reply in a rather impatient tone. It was the same courier boy. After I opened the door, he grumbled, "Kya madam, kaun hai kaun hai puchte rahte ho."
To that I replied, "Puchna padta hai. Kyunki aaj kal koyi bhi ho sakta hai."
Anyways, I noticed that he didn't like it, and since he was familiar - from that day onwards, whenever he called to say a parcel was coming ~ I stopped asking 'kaun hai' before opening the door. He also seemed to be always in a hurry. I thought that's maybe because they have to deliver stuff the whole day in sun/rain. He also used to come very casually, without the big bag that the delivery boys normally carry.

During New Year, I came upon ShopClues website. I was told that it had good deals. So, on 2nd Jan'14 I got around browsing it. I chose two items within a span of half an hour gap ( between each ) and ordered via COD. On 3rd itself, I got a call from the courier boy that he was bringing my parcel. I was bit surprised that ShopClues delivery was so quick. However, on 3rd when he came, he brought only 1 item with him. I asked him - I had ordered another item, had it not come too? Then to my surprise, the courier boy asked me, "Same amount ka item hai na madam? Ek do din mei aa jayega." Taking the money he was then gone.

On 6th around 12.30noon or so, I got a call from the courier boy, that "Madam aap ghar pe hai na? Aapke parcel aa gaya hai. Do ghante mei aa raha hu." At around 4pm he called me again to say he was bringing it. And in a few minutes, there was a knock on my door. I opened to see the courier boy. He had a hanky tied around his face. I thought he had a cold or something. He carried the parcel under his arm. But surprisingly, he took out his hand first and demanded, "Paisa do." Since I knew the boy so well, and was also aware of his rather irritated nature, I gave the money that I held in my hands. He didn't have any change, so I had to quickly give the change too, after which he finally gave the parcel and left in a hurry. I noticed, he didn't ask for the signature. Seeing his rather suspicious behaviour, I quickly opened the parcel. It didn't look like the previous one, that he had delivered with ShopClues packaging. When I opened, I was shocked no end. Wrapped in a newspaper, was a crumpled piece of old black cloth ( a churidar top ). I was aghast. It wasn't what I ordered at all. Hurriedly, I punched the two numbers he called me from, earlier. While one kept ringing, with no one picking it up, the other was picked up by a rude lady who said it was a juice shop number. I thought, maybe she was his wife. I threatened her saying I'll bring police to her place, if she didn't call the courier boy at once. Anyhow, after I was convinced that it was indeed a juice centre PCO - thanks to googling the number on internet, I thought of confronting the courier boy in where else but his Blue Dart office itself. So, again noting down the address from internet, I headed to the office.

I was huffing n puffing by the time I reached. However, the lady in the reception desk told me ( after hearing my story - how the boy had come wearing a mask in his face, his strange behaviour in asking money ), that the delivery boys had all left; to come the next day morning and talk to the supervisor directly. She took down my details. I also found out that evening, the number that was ringing belonged to a grocery shop owner just near the Blue Dart office. So, I was doubly convinced that it was him!
Early next morning, even before any shops opened, I landed ( at around 8.30am ) in the BD Office. I felt like a detective, hot on the heels of a most wanted criminal - solving a crime. The back door was open and I saw two blue dart men standing outside. I went up to them and told them that a fraud had happened with me by one of their courier boys. I also told, that I'd go to the press and make it all public. I was immediately taken indoors. At first I was reluctant to go inside all alone ( all males were inside ). But gathering guts, I went in atlast.


I kept my phone-camera ready, as I sat near the watchman and narrated what happened. They told me that the boy I was talking about ( ganesh or something ), was out on field. They called him in front of me, asking him to leave everything and come to the office immediately. Once he arrived, I could spot him immediately through the tinted windows. "Yes! He's the one." I confirmed, when the Blue Dart man asked me if he was the one. He was sitting behind someone in a scooter.

They took me to their inside office and sat me down and brought him inside, after a while. All the other Blue Dart staff meanwhile gathered outside the glass walls. Once he sat, I told him to tell truthfully to the supervisor ( who also sat in front ), what exactly he did, the day before. Of course, he denied outright that he had come that day. He even took swearing of his children, "Baachon ki kasam khaa ke bolta hu. Mai yeisei hi apne bachon ka kasam khawunga kya? Mai gaya hi nahi."
I told him, "Jo yeisi harkat karte hai na, woh kisi ka bhi kasam kha sakte hai. Isliye mujhe yeh kasam wasam khane ka natak mat dikha, aur seedha seedha bol tune kal kya kiya tha." He had the gall to tell me not to accuse him directly. To this I said, "Tere ilawa aur koyi nahi aate hai Blue Dart se, mere building mei. Mai tujhe aache se pahchanti hu."

Anyhow he wasn't ready to confess. Infact, his attitude was quite something. So the supervisor said, that he'll give the matter to the security people instead to handle. I told them if they didn't take action against him, I'd have to take myself - by going to the press, consumer court/forum etc. It was not about the money - Rs.590/- is a paltry amount, but it was about the trust and faith customers place on such a big company. An alert to them not to employ such thieves! They requested me not to do it and assured me they'd take up the matter seriously, as it was concerning reputation & trust of their company. They noted down the stream of events that happened ( time etc ). Later, when I got out of the office, I spotted the courier boy at a distance. He was shaking his head to himself as he walked away.

On 8th morning I got a call from Blue Dart office, that the security people were coming to my house. They had earlier questioned the boy and now wanted to cross question me. By noon 1.40pm they arrived, quite a few of them ~ 5-6. I narrated whatever happened. They took picture of the scribbles in the parcel that I was given and said that it matched with the boy's handwriting. They asked me if they could take it, and assured me that he'd be no more in their system. I requested them to do something so that he didn't get a similar courier job in any other place too. Cos' after what he did to me, he could do more dangerous stuff with others. They also gave me the original parcel, which I was supposed to receive. Since that day, I've received couple of more deliveries from Blue Dart, and true to their promise, that boy doesn't come to deliver anymore. Whatta Relief!

However, one thing still puzzles me ~ how did the courier boy knew the exact amount of my second parcel. Did he have a nexus with ShopClues? 'Cos the parcel started getting tracked mysteriously, only after the night he did that fraudery. Also, though it looked almost same - it wasn't the item I ordered. So, ShopClues vendors do not exactly ship the items they actually keep a picture of, in the website. I left a -ve feedback in their website, which never appeared on the site too!

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