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‘First Aid Box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.’ He had checked and re-checked many times before leaving the house. Sonu along with his friends - Monu and Tinku, had trekked the whole day through the hills, until they came upon the infamous haunted house. Everyone had warned them not to go anywhere near it. But thrill-lovers that they were, they couldn’t resist the temptations. And here they were, standing right in front of it. All their trekking & hunting, bearing fruit at last.

They were undecided about going in though, when the large front door opened on its own with a creak-sound, as though welcoming them; as soon as they stepped on the porch.
“Hello Children! I’ve been waiting for you all,” a woman’s voice said, from inside the house. As they stepped in, the door slammed shut. The room was dark, with some cracks in the ceiling that let faint light in. Sonu quickly flashed his torch around. There were cobwebs all around the small eerie room. A shrilly wicked laughter echoed in the house soon.

“Look up children,” the same voice said. To their horror, they saw an ugly black witch; with long dirty hair, clawed hands and sharp fangs, hanging upside down from the ceiling. It was swaying to and fro, as though perfectly natural and laughing hysterically at the same time.
She glared at them for a while, before opening her mouth menacingly. Her tongue then came out instantly. The tongue grew longer and longer, until it came right in front of them. It wagged a while and then stopped.
“Which one of you will be my dinner first?” The witch asked, before wagging her tongue a bit more.
The children shivered in fright and stood frozen, as the tongue continued to dance in front of them.

“Monu looks healthy and plump. Yummmm! Perfect meal, I’ll have him first!” With that, the tongue wrapped itself around Monu and quickly sucked him in, inside the witch's mouth. The loud gobbling sound echoed around the house.
“Buuurp!” The witch said, with satisfaction. “Who’s next?”
The tongue came again; hovered a bit, before taking away Tinku this time.

Nearly peeing his pants now; Sonu remembered the things he had packed, early that morning. His safety kit!! Will it save him?

Buhahahaha……the wicked witch laughed, her tongue getting ready again!

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