Somebody, recently, asked me – ‘You buy everything online, kya?’
And I went red ~ blushing. I’m a total online-shopping freak. And of late, if you search what I am up to, you’ll most probably find me browsing the new and latest shopping portal in the cyber-space block. Oh..there are so many of those, that you can easily get lost ‘happily’, in that ocean of materialistic delights. And, they are such a wide variety too. Shopping is such a therapy, I tell you. Call it an addiction, if you will. It sure is for me. I am happiest when I shop.

But shopping for one-self is only half the fun. Getting others to shop too, and getting rewarded ( 2-5% as referral commission ), cashbacks and more for the same that makes it such a joyful ride ( as you can do whole lot more of shopping in that process – of course, with the money earned ), as I discovered recently with Zapstore. You can see, I have already made my own store ( Yes, you heard it right – my own store ~ see below ) and added my favourite products in it.! With the plethora of choices of products, all those top e-commerce shopping sites offer, it was quite a difficult but thrilling task – as I wanted to add more and more. Somehow, keeping my greed in check, I managed to curate a list of stuff that I personally drool ( am sure, you will too ;-). Do check them out. It’s a no-brainer, that people get most influenced to buy, by what they personally see or hear from their trusted ones – be it their friends, relatives or people they look upto. Zapstore, gives that opportunity to us, to recommend our favourite things to our friends/followers. It is free to open one ( your own store ), and fun to sell and earn.


From lifestyle, clothes ( men, women, kids ), accessories, automotives, furniture, electronics, health – there’s no dearth of products to choose from. I was personally looking for some home entertainment, furniture and electronic items, so added the same in my store. Note ~ on sign-up, you are asked to choose atleast 5 categories, that really defines your personality too at first glance.


The website is pretty simple, if you want to earn a few extra shopping bucks. Just add products from your favourite online store ( see the list, has all my favourite ones ). You can’t go wrong with the prices, as you can check the various stores, compare, and then add the best ones offered. Create your own store profile ( as I did ), and boom, start earning money from your friends and followers as they buy from it. Yes….share, share and share your online store to earn more and more. How simple is that. So, I'm off to zap-up some quick sales, what about you?

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