When you are a rebel by birth, you simply do not heed to any advice, simple :-)
And, that's what I was, a rebel. My mother used to narrate to me how I came into this world. When it was already over the normal delivery date, and due to many complications that rose, things were getting delayed; the doctors had alas, advised my mother to go for the caesarean option, as I was too stubborn a baby to come out easily. I preferred relaxing inside the comfort of my mother's womb, rather than coming out into this mean ruthless world, lol. Cutting open the womb and bringing out the baby forcibly was the only option left for them. But, the doctor also showed little hope of the baby’s survival. Other babies come into this world by the ninth month of pregnancy, and here I was almost entering the tenth. I had already disobeyed nature’s advice. By the time they finally got me out, I was all green, swollen and many thought it’d be a still-born. But then, after few moments of chilled silence, when I opened my mouth to wail, nature just took a back-seat. I wailed non-stop, raising a storm and everybody knew since then, this was one baby who’d never listen to others, but would live life on its own terms.

So, thus, my journey since a toddler was doing exactly opposite of what others expected, advised or even ordered. Nothing made me obey others, so I was just quite a handful for others to handle. This stubborn nature of mine only grew stronger and stronger as I grew older. Mistakes committed were a plenty, and lessons learnt, a gazillion. But somewhere, in all of this, there was a little voice inside me that started to grow louder and louder. It seemed to alert and annoy me whenever I was about to do something wrong. It seemed like an inbuilt guide in me, that perhaps God sent, my 'conscience'. I would not listen to others around me, but when it came to heeding to my conscience, it started having a grip on me. If I was going over-board with expectations or ambitions, it led me to think the reality, the feasibility and the achievability of it all. It kept me grounded.

My dreams and ambitions kept changing, since my school days. If success, name and fame was something I sought earlier, somewhere my conscience also told me the importance of being realistic – how all these things are temporary, and being a content and an enlightened human being was more important for real peace of mind. It taught me to give my sincere best at whatever I do, but advised not to get disappointed in case of failures; because, in the end, nothing really matters. We are not going to take our wealth after we die, so let’s be happy with what we have. For me, advice of my conscience is what matters and is most important, and what I most heed to. Its advice is really the #AdviceThatMattered and still does...
We all have a default conscience inside us, heed to it, you'll be happy - guaranteed ;-)
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