Earlier I used to laugh off whenever I heard of Jesus, Adam, Eve, Garden of Eden, The Apple and of course Satan. Studying in convent school, I heard of these more than my own hindu Gods n Goddesses. We learnt a lot ( though not in details ) about the biblical scriptures. Anyhow, I grew up kinda agnostic person, so scoffed at all religions ( including mine ). Although, in the meanwhile, I found myself getting bit curious about the paranormal!

It was my interest in hypnotism that actually led me towards paranormal stuff. I had bought almost 5 books on hypnotism ( from basic to advanced course ), and thought of practicing it. Weird stuff soon started happening around me. It seemed unknowingly I had opened up a portal. Things got so creepy that I had to abandon it totally, without even trying to find the answers as to why those things occurred.

Recently, in my new house after a long gap, lots of strange incidences started occurring. Though not a believer, I ended up saying every prayer on earth – but those disturbances continued. So much so that for almost two years I locked up the place and moved off to my native place. One day I thought to myself, not to be scared anymore and decided to come back – be more braver! So, I came back. I had some personal issues going on that time that left me bit depressed. But I decided to make a fresh start anyways.

So, once I was back, nothing happened for a while. But then suddenly, it started again. Being brave, I dared anything to harm me – I'm scared of no-one, I’d think aloud. Nightmares had turned into day-mares too – i.e things started happening in broad day-light, when I was wide-awake. I wanted to find a solution to all these disturbances, so looked at internet for help. I tried to find if people went through what I was going through, and what was the solution if they did. I didn’t find anything of help when I tried to search solution in hindu spiritual books. But to my utter surprise studying some Christian books/scriptures answered so many of my doubts & questions. Christianity explains the paranormal much better than any other religion – that’s my conclusion.

What I used to make fun off earlier – I now studied in depth. No, I didn’t read the Bible straight-away. I began with books on Demonology, Satanism, Exorcism etc. Mind you these are no child’s-play. And I’m saying after researching a lot. Never dabble in those! ( though it is important to be aware ). Today, I find truth in Scriptures that speak of Satan luring Eve to eat the Apple – which led to SHAME & SEX. Some people may not believe it, and say its un-scientific blah blah etc, but I don’t care. Coming from where I am, and the experiences I had - I know, there’s got to be truth in those ancient scriptures. I’ve discarded my own religion because none of those prayers worked for me – yet, a Christian exorcism prayer ( which is not my birth religion ) has been miraculously protecting me.

I learnt and know a lot of things that I'm currently not writing here - but only one I thing I wanna add here is that, there's lot of connection between scriptures, sex and satan, and it applies to the modern world too - regardless of how scientific or materialistically advanced we've become!

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