I recently came across this following picture in a social networking site :

Pretty interesting right? You almost agree with it, but wait, let us take them point by point!

1. Would you stay in the dark? Then please cut your electricity off. Never use any type of lights/lamps ever again in your house. Its not fear, its just the precaution not to stumble upon things and injure oneself. Yes, one may fear hidden creatures too lurking in the dark. But then why not? Its just not ghosts, but may be real people hiding too and can cause harm. Nothing wrong in being 'alert'.

2. Go to the terrace of your house or a tall building, and keep walking. Even when you reach the edge, simply don't stop. Just keep walking. Nobody would do that right? We know for a fact, one step beyond the edge and we'll break our neck. So, its 'logic' that stops us, not fear.

3. Would you trust any random stranger you meet on the road? Would you invite that person to your home or start talking? Would you talk to just anybody around you? No, right? Firstly, we have no real reason to do that. Unless you allow, they can't approach you either, so there's no question of fear of rejection.

4. Okay, got me on this one, lol. What the fcuk is love? For me to be honest, nothing like love exist. Its just either lust or people using one another as per their convenience. You dont love anyone in truest sense of the word, in the first place at all. So why expect it back in return? True unconditional love is only between a parent and child. All other 'loves' are momentary, ( for selfish gratification and killing loneliness - lets face it ) in fulfilling one's needs ( mostly physical ) and fizzles out all too soon.

5. Many people ultimately do let go. First few days may be hard and depressing, but eventually, everyone has to. There's nothing to fear here, maybe we miss the 'use' that person was to us and not the person per se. Lets admit it, its more a selfish kinda reason that we hang on to. Anyway nothing we do, can bring a dead one back. So, time forces everyone to move on.

6. Useless point I say! Most people in this world do keep trying. Some losers/cowards may get afraid and give up, commit suicide etc or some may even use shortcut tricks ( theft, robbery ) to get/achieve stuff they cannot in legitimate way ( some may even become violent in frustration ). But human race has survived till this day 'cos they never gave up. Its a pure 'survival of fittest' show running, with everyone a participant in that race.

Lastly, just as the Earth experiences different seasons like summer, winter, autumn, spring etc , ( all are important ), similarly human beings experiences different emotions like happiness, sadness, anger and fear. And all are important to truely experience the journey called life. Regarding pain/sadness, if you dont experience pain, how will you know or value happiness? Anything in extreme is always unhealthy. Thus, a balance is maintained to experience it all. Fear/Sadness is as important as happiness/peace, as we dont live in Uotpia, we live on Earth!

He who is scared of death and pain, are paranoid. I welcome pain and death. I know its importance, so I don't lose sleep over it, and I'm at peace. Dying is important for new life to come in. Since earth is limited in size, God can't make each of us immortal. And he wants all the new souls he manufactures in his lab to enjoy life as well. Thus, those who were sent earlier are taken back after some time so that new ones come in. Death is also intended to keep us more humble and acknowlegde that theres something more powerful than us. If there was no death, all of would have been egostic morons.

So, there I answered all the points. Do add your agrees or disagrees to the points :-)

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  1. Hmmm...interesting read...though I dont fully agree, I really dont disagree...

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  3. Great blog and very well managed. Thanks for sharing.


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