'Shoppers Stop - The Perfect Festive Look' - I run off to the Shoppers Stop online website frantically to carry out my task.I've got lots of shopping to do,a deadline to catch and a blog to write as well.Its already the 16th December evening and I guess I have less than a day or say just a few hours left to send in my entry or be left out in the cold.I so want those prizes, that my tongue is dripping with greed at the very thought of those super exciting goodies.

Speaking of cold,its getting wintry too ( hey! its december already folks! remember? ), along with all the festivities.Two mega festivities comming up Christmas and New Years! Some people are also adding 21st Dec to their celebrations list - ah those who believe ( or not believe? ) in the Mayan Calender of the world ending in 2012.
So I'll keep these two aspects ( winter and festive season ) in my mind as I do my virtual shopping.So,lets get on with it.

I browsed throughout the entire Shoppers Stop website for over an hour now.Wow!Am I impressed?
I must say with such fantastic items on display ( all the best brands! ) I was rather lost in my own little fantasy world of owing all those fantastic stuff.Stopper's Stop can surely make you greedy!
And when it comes to shopping,BEING GREEDY IS GOOD! Right?
Nevertheless,I have picked up a whole lot of items to make up my ensemble in my shopping cart,rest I'll pick up if I get their gift voucher,lol.


Clothes :
Item 1. Keeping December's cooler climate in mind I'm choosing "Ladies Woolen Intarsia Top" - for the fashion conscious woman.A womans substance is style.She’s feminine yet bold with this look.This beautiful top defines me just perfect.Quality top at a quality price.Just what I need.

Item 2. To go with it I'm choosing the elegant black "Ladies Formal Trousers" - For The Young Woman Who Wants To Look Good And Have Fun With Her Look In A Trustworthy Fashion-Oriented Context.Thats me!

Item 3. Undergarments are as important hence I'm very obsessed about choosing the right look as well as the comfort factor being of prime importance to me.
This is a great combination to go with my chosen attire ( underneath of course! )The "Lovable Fiona Classic Textured Brief" Lingerie set.

Since I have kept the clothes in monochromatics ( my favourite colours are usually monochromes ),I want to indulge to the fullest in the accessories and colour it up.

Make Up & Accessories :
Make up is very important in the festive season to look your best and add to your style & glamour quotient.

Item 4. Hence,I add radiance and glow to my face with "Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact Ivory Fair 01".It is also my personal favourite.

Item 5. Great concealers to give that smooth finish and flawless look! And this product i.e the "LOreal - True Match Concealer Deep N6-7-8" is just like the name suggests - a perfect mate for my skin.

Item 6. I like my lips rich and pouty in this cozy weather.And the best colour to go with it is deep red for that sexy look.Ooh La La! The "LOreal - Colour Riche Accord Intenses Burning Rose 286" is just my thing for wintry seduction.

Item 7. I simply love watches and cant live without one.So,the "ESPRIT Timewear - Ladies Watch - Play Glam Black" is my obvious choice to keep track of the time that ticks by in this super busy world.

Item 8. These "IDEE Ladies Sunglasses - 1619" glasses go superbly with my stylish ensemble.In the evening just put it away in my gorgeous handbag below.

Item 9. I love these handbags.My favourite is "Puma-Dizzy Shoulder Bag" - This jaunty bag is so lightweight, your shoulder might send you a thank-you note.I love its colours.

Item 10. The "Guess - Seductive Wild EDT 30ml - 2632310 30 ML" Seductive Wild by GUESS, an Eau de Toilette, a fragrance that exudes glamour and glory,just my kinda perfume,mild and sexy.

Jewellery :
Item 11. A simple bangle to adorn my hand with the soft antic kinda look."Infinity Bangle - 44442GMC" - Infinity has the best plating quality, crystal and CZ quality and the best of designs.

Item 12. 18 Carat Gold Plated spiral pendent with clear crystals - A delicate looking simple yet stylish pendent."Infinity Clear Crystal studded Pendant N551148G"

Item 13. Each piece of solid sterling silver jewellery earring set is with 1mm AAA European machine cut stones of its finest quality giving the illusion of Diamonds set in platinum at a fraction of the price."Real Effect Earring -RE20175EM" - My ultimate style statement.

Item 14. My feet would love a pair of these comfortable looking stylish sandals to snug into."Haute Curry - Ladies Footwear" to make my feet look awesome and stylish.

Item 15. Last but not the least,I'm adding my winter pick ( A must! Especially when I step out ). "AND Ladies Woolen Coat" - A very fashionable and trendy coat.

So,there my ensemble is complete.Thank you Shopper's Stop for making my day.I had fun shopping virtually all these gorgeous stuff.Now I'm waiting to buy them all ( and more ) with the prize vouchers if I win :D
PS: The post above is for a contest, hence my exaggerated excitement!

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