As I am writing this article, there has been an invisible force guiding me in order to show the way to everyone, so as to bring inner peace in every individual, which will ultimately lead to peaceful surroundings.
I have simplified it, so that even a layman can understand that he also has the inner strength to make a difference in this society. Lets be practical and contribute spiritually within ourselves :-

Meditation is not just for the old or religious people only. Let us teach our children the process of meditating and not just simply going to the temple/church, but,teach them the prayer of the soul as well.
It is difficult to really explain it to the children, whose main activity is playing.
But my appeal is to all those who can read and understand, the age group around 11-12 onwards.

Of all the daily activities during the entire day, take out atleast 1 hour early in the morning or at night just before going to sleep. Make your mind totally thought free, keep it blank, and try to feel the soul, the energy which drives us to do various functions in our lives. Breathe in deeply with your eyes closed, try to see the light ( practice this atleast for half an hour ).
This is the age when we are in our teens, and our attraction towards the opposite sex grows. Our mind is filled with those thoughts. It is natural, it is infact good to give love, but it is also at this stage we get hurt most as we expect a lot in return. Here comes meditation to the rescue, where on one hand we learn to free ourselves from such disturbing and stressful thoughts, we also learn not to expect much in return while at same time we give more and more love.

As such we can control our negative or weak traits such as jealousy, hatred, depression, frustrations etc. We learn to value relationships with everyone. In this way, we can also avoid the mistakes that people are usually more prone to making. Avoid telling lies and being dishonest. You may think what will telling one harmless 'lie' do, but it so happens, in that process you end up saying innumerable lies.
Your dishonesty then burdens your soul or conscience, which have all along been alert and keeping track of them.

In the long, run these little harmless lies will come back and harm you more than you can imagine. So why not try to be truthful right from the beginning itself? Then your conscience will not nag you constantly, and you'll have peace of mind.

Try to concentrate on your respective planets; because whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, they do affect us. Because, we are a part of everything in this universe.
Earlier, I was also very sceptical about all these, wondering how can a distant star or a planet affect me. But lets take the nearest examples that we have to analyse:

The Sun and the Moon.

It is because of the Sun, and the Sun alone that we all are alive and exist in this world. We get heat, light, energy and everything from it.
Even the moon affects us, as we are aware of its effect on the tides here on earth, and their contribution to weather fluctuations. So, everything is connected to everything else in this world and the universe.
Try to pray ( in the meditative manner ) to the Sun and other heavenly bodies, because of which we are here. Can't we do the least and give a little thought to them? This is the least we can do and stay close to nature. Besides, we will also feel good from within. However, do not fall in the trap of unscrupulous people who claim that they can heal the wrath of our planets. Such fake astrologers should be avoided at best.

It is very difficult to be good all the time, as every now and then the negative energy within us springs up trying to take control.

Try not to harm or hurt others in relationships. It so happens, the youth of today believes more in casual flings or short term sexual contacts ( very often even one-night-stands ), which have resulted in a very dangerous and alarming situation of the dreaded disease called AIDS.
Its very simple to say,'Be faithful to only one partner', whereas in our mind, we get attracted to many. There's always too much temptations always around us. But we need to realise that, its all in the mind and we can control it.

Instead of making our approach only physical, we should search for the soul which would compliment our soul. It is not an easy task as its not written on a person's face. The main priority should be ~ is to be caring, communicating and your instinct will tell you if you've made the right or wrong choice. At all levels, never try to cause any harm, whether you are a boy or a girl.

There are other people such as your friends and family members, sometimes even neighbours, who may try to influence your decisions, but, if you from within feel that your choice is right, then don't leave that person. Of course, the feeling should be mutual and honest.
Have confidence in the advice of your soul. Don't let caste, religion, social status or family members come in between, because you and your partner are most important to each other, and not anyone else. Give your love, time and care to that person, and be faithful; then, you can tackle anything in this world. Never mind a disease like AIDS which will never dare to come near you.
It has also been scientifically proved, that, a man or woman is much happier, stress-less and disease (sexual)-free when he/she has a steady long term faithful partner.

Trust and responsibility are the weapons to tackle any danger to your relationship from the soul point of view. But of course, wearing a condom and practising safe sex, as you all know from material point of view, is also the ultimate solution.

Here we are dealing with our soul-awakening process and making our life better.
For our health also, we need not rely on chemicals and cosmetics which not just hurt our wallets, but also harms our body with multiple side-effects. We all know whenever we have a slight headache, we grow anxious and keep thinking. We try to take a variety of aspirins to get relief, but in the end, we often end up having a severe migraine.
Instead, if we take a few minutes off, to relax our mind, put out all the thoughts and sleep over it, we will find that within 5-10 minutes we'll feel better. So is the case for many other ailments.

Lets not run after man-made medicines, rather try and find the cure inside our mind itself. Nowadays, many alternative treatment centres are cropping everywhere e.g reiki, acupuncture etc. Though, it is a good sign that they are effective without the use of any chemicals, as only positive energy is used, but lets not make it a habit of running to these centres out of fashion. Instead, we should try finding the cure within our mind, our soul, by using our energy force ( or will power ).
We have it all within ourselves, the strength; so, lets try not to be dependent on others all the time. Eat the right food and also do not overload it. Walk, Meditate and spread the Love.

Give at least one hour to your soul for which you are alive. Your Soul is You, and you owe that much to yourself.
And in case of pain, try to bear as much as you can, you'll find that the pain won't ever come back any more. Always try to use the positive energy in you. You'll then feel good about yourselves all the time. You'll stand out in the crowd as your positive energy will make you glow.

Its never too late to start this process, whether you are young or not. Always remember that the soul is forever the same, your body might have changed and grown from a child, to youth to old age; but,once you get awareness and keep in mind constantly about your inner soul, you will get peace and feel young.
Lastly,a reminder : Whether you are from any religion ~ hindu, muslim, christian etc, try to make your children from a young age become aware of their soul. Also, try to make them learn the most ancient scriptures of this world i.e the Vedas, because you'll definitely be enlightened by the tremendous knowledge that is present in those scriptures.
Vedas are not books of any God or religion, but of us, of what we are.

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