The recent attack on IAC activist cum SC lawyer Prashant Bhushan by 3 right winged youths has been splashed all over media ( both print and electronic ).
Strong condemnations have been coming from all quarters, that these attacks are totally unconstitutional and that, nobody has the right to take law into their own hands, even if you don't like somebody's views. Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech, hence, everyone has the equal right to air their views, however negative or opposite they may be from our own.

All said and done, what the attackers did were totally wrong, everyone agrees. And rightfully they were arrested for the same.
But, now lets think over about what PB had said earlier which led to this attack. India's official stand has been that, Kashmir is an integral part of India.
So, didn't PB go against the country's stand/law in the first place? Its understood that we all have our freedom of speech. But, don't we have equal responsibility as to how we utilise that freedom of speech?

PB had said that there should be plebiscite in Kashmir.So, isn't he going against the state,
advocating breaking up of our country, by suggesting that Kashmir should break away from India?
Now PB is also an activist for India Against Corruption movement. IAC has lakhs of followers.
Now such a secessationist comment comming from a core IAC member, is it justified? His, this one statement would have an effect on lakhs of Indians who can be easily brainwashed into thinking that giving away Kashmir is ok.
So, an individual in such responsible position just cannot let his tongue run loose irresponsibly like this, clearly going against the law of land.

Now, coming to the attack. One attacker who claimed to be president of the little known group BhagatSingh KrantiSena, is a well known member of IC Community. He is known to all as a very patriotic person. If anyone has observed him, he has always made good and serious topics.
Many IC members, however, condemned this act and posted in bulk on his facebook page, how they disagreed his method. However, more than real concern it seemed to me that they were hoping more that media would flash their comments on air, as the media by now was keeping an eye on this group's page.
I felt these IC members were real hypocrites. Whole day they engage in keyboard warfare, however if someone did anything in real life, they were the first to display their double standards.
I, for one don't support violence, however, I've never been a fan of useless gandhi-giri either, so in a way my conscience told me to support it.

Why? Method be damned!
I feel the issue needed to be highlighted in the media, and since it was all done in front of the media, it was worth it.
Let me Clarify! No! I don't support an old man getting beaten up, nor do I want this act to be a trendsetter for future, but if sometimes some acts are needed to be done to shake few thing up a bit,then its fine; there's no harm and it is justified, I feel.( without any regrets )

However, maybe if I hadn't known Bagga, at the IC community, I might have had a completely different view of this entire episode. But having know him for quite some time in that group, and having observed his posts in IC, I can vouch that he has the nation in his heart. And that made me support him. I have no regrets about it.
I feel, its far better to support Bagga's this one act of little "violence", in the interest of the nation, rather than to support PB(Prashant Bhushan)'s direct support to greater violence of supporting Kashmiri Jihadi's call for secession and betrayal to the country!

Having said this, I must also make it clear, that I would not support each and every call of Violence, and would want these protestErs and activists to raise their protest in a more matured manner. They got the media attention already, so, now they should hopefully continue to raise issues of importance tactfully.
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