As I was returning home from the market today, I had a huge smile in my face. The streets were filled with people. The mood was all of cheer and happiness. Colourful glowing lanterns, of every shape and sizes, hung everywhere in the busy lanes for sale. Lots and lots of earthen diyas, as well as fancy lamps were on display too around the streets; and not to mention, the sweets, dry-fruits and nut boxes that everyone were buying in glee, that too, in bulk. And yes, the firework-shops were getting lined up with long queues of people, as well. If you didn’t get it by now, then, let me yell it out to you – it’s the festive season folks! And primarily, the occasion of Diwali ( that’s just around the corner ) being in the focus; all the buzz were thus undoubtedly, because of it. Bombay (Mumbai ) becomes a totally different city during Diwali time, and I’m sure other cities and towns must be gearing up as well ~ for this extravagant festival of lights, fire-crackers and much more!

I’m not a religious person, but still, its Diwali time that I look most forward to, in the entire year. Any guesses, why? Well, India is a country of colourful festivals, and even if you might not be religious in your beliefs or practices yourself, you do get sucked into the whole festivity of it all. I get sucked into it primarily because of two reasons; one being the delicious cuisines I get to taste, that’s specially prepared during festival time, and the other being the gifts I get. Its tough to choose between the two; but the second reason, of course, gets more importance in the end. Oh..Come on, now… who doesn’t love gifts? You’d be lying if you say, you don’t.

Talking of buying gifts, I must say however, it becomes a herculean task treading these markets to get the product of your choice, with the crowds pushing and shoving you around. Hence, my saviour comes in the form of online shopping portal - Flipkart. After years of enjoying the thrill of receiving gifts, this time however, I’m planning to do a little bit of the gifting part myself too. Indeed, gifting strengthens the bond between people, and increases happiness. My niece has been cribbing for a new smartphone, for quite some time now! And this Diwali, what better excuse than this, to bring a smile in her face i.e by gifting her one! she'll love it. She’ll no doubt be surprised too; of course, pleasantly at that. Because, after teddies, it’ll be a drastic change of gift, she’d have ever got from me. And obviously, it goes without saying, there’s no better place to buy it from, than flipkart, what with them offering tonnes of offers, every now and then, in most of their products ( which makes shopping so much fun, right from the comfort of my home ).

But hold on, when I saw this exciting Diwali offer on Flipkart by Asus India, my excitement knew no bounds. These guys are truly 'incredible'. Just have a look at the banner above ( in the beginning of my post ). Can you believe your eyes after reading it? At first, I too didn’t; but then, I read again. Folks...,
Asus is brightening up lives this Diwali with the "Har Pal Happiness Offer", where customers
buying a ASUS Zenfone will get a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 every hour.
And, one lucky customer will also stand a chance to win gold vouchers worth Rs.25,000 every day! So, while I'm gifting an Asus Zenfone to my niece, I too stand a chance to win a gift worth 1k myself! How cool is that? As for phone, Asus has been quite popular in my friend circle, with almost three out of my five friends owning one, and raving about it. I own an Asus laptop myself, so my trust in the brand has been quite intact. The offer too is a perfect one – imagine, having a chance of winning vouchers every hour. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Start gifting and get lucky yourself too - Buy Asus Zenfone @Flipkart! ~ Happy Diwali Everyone ~


( Images - Asus )
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