Buntoo was a dreamer. He was full of creativity, but more than that, his zeal and enthusiasm over-rode everything else – including his creative urge. He wanted to make it big someday. He wanted to prove to the others that he arrived. Naturally, the big glitzy world of films aka 'bollywood' was his sole destination. Often dressing up like his favourite stars, he would pose himself in front of the mirror, the whole day, mouthing various film dialogues of his idols for hours ~ thus, mimicking them. Some of his village people at times would praise his acts, just to humour him, and that would encourage him no end. Flying high, his ego would get bloated and he’d think no end of himself. He was sure 'he had it' in him and that only he was the one who could rescue the film-industry and be a super-star.

As he lay in his bed every night, dreaming the moon about himself, even buckets of water thrown at him in the mornings, by his father, to wake him up, had no effects on him. With dreamy eyes he’d brush his teeth, eat breakfast and then go back in front of his mirror ( as always ) to admire himself – and of course, do what he loved the most, act. No matter, if the entire world was actually getting fed up by this obsession of his. He was just too self-absorbed to notice the frowns, the giggles, the sneers, the mockery around, that were growing by the day, whenever he'd pass by. That, those were directed at him, he was hardly aware. One day, frustrated by his obvious laziness and absurd obsession, his father called him to one corner, hoping to make him understand once and for all!

Father - “What do you want to do with your life, Buntoo?”
Buntoo - “Act. Be a Hero. A Super-star.”
Father - “Okay, do you think you have it in you? We are simple villagers who make a living ploughing fields. These things are for big people Buntoo, not us.”
Buntoo - “No…look at Ranjkant – he was a taxi driver. Look at Dharmendra – he was a bus conductor. If they can do it, then, I also have the chance to make it big."
Father - “Okay, those times were different. Now things have changed. Be sensible. We must stay grounded to our roots. Only aim for what we are capable of, not the impossible. It’s not that easy as you think. There’s still time, bollywood doesn’t need you – our fields does!”
Buntoo - “But, I am good. I look like Shah Rukh Khan too.”
Father - “Phew…you do not listen, do you?”
Buntoo - “No. I want to do it.”
Father - “Okay, go ahead then, do it. Prove to me that you can. And don’t forget what I just advised you.”

So, with dream-packed eyes, un-heeding his father's advice, Buntoo left for his dream-city ~ bollywood ( Bombay ). As days passed, he started looking for 'roles'. But was it easy? Not quite, as he would soon find out. Whenever he went to various producers’ offices, he was either asked to wait for hours or sent away, saying, they were busy - to come next day. Only, the next day would hardly ever come! He’d see many hopefuls like him too, who had come from various corners of the country, nurturing similar dreams. And he had thought all this while, he was the only one - the chosen one! The only times he got selected for any kinds of roles, was when someone needed an ‘extra’. His dreams started eroding fast, as gradually, 'reality' hit him. And it hit hard! Short of money, Buntoo was left running here and there begging for a part. And it didn’t come, never. With so many like him, where, just for a single audition, thousands would turn up, he hardly had a chance; much less be a hero, that he always had dreamt of becoming. In the end, cash-trapped Buntoo, in desperation, to support himself, took up the job of a waiter in some restaurant. His father’s advice would flash in his mind, reminding how true his words were. If only he listened to his father's #SachchiAdvice!

Thankfully, it wasn't too late to heed to it, Buntoo realized. Listening to #SachchiAdvice can indeed change one's life for sure. Buntoo, decide to heed to his father's advice alas and went back to his village. With the new lesson learnt, he changed for the better. And today, he is a prosperous and a content farmer.
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