In an earlier post, I gave 'links' to what extent women ( and sometimes men too ) go, in order to look young. They sometimes even mess up their whole body & features in that mindless pursuit. This is a world-wide phenomenon - the urge or desire to look & stay young. Well, nothing wrong in it. But to what extent can you keep cheating yourself that you are young no more? That you need to age gracefully.

Our evergreen hero was Dev Anand. Star of the late 40's he ruled the silver screen till early 70's. He took the title 'evergreen' literally and made a mockery out of himself towards the end of his life. By making insignificant films and starring with young starlets ~ a quarter of his age. Many of his contemporaries had long ago decided to age gracefully and retire with respect. But Dev Anand ji carried on till his last breathe. But was it worth it? People remember him more for the remarkable films he made in the past, rather than those silly movies he made later on just to show himself 'young', with layers of jackets & mufflers.

Dev Anand reminds me of Madhuri these days. Yes, she is the eternal diva who ruled the silver screen once. She had got married and shifted to USA, only to come back bag & baggage recently. I see her appearing in several anti-aging cream advertisements. Did she come back to do those? Obviously, she ain't getting good offers anymore. She made a weird statement that Kajol's comeback prompted her to do the same. But hello Madhuri ji, before comparing to Kajol, at least see the age gaps of both and when she i.e Kajol did her comeback.
For one - Kajol married in her early 20's, while Madhuri married in her early 30's ( i.e a decade of difference ). Kajol did comeback in her early 30's, while Madhuri in her mid-40's ( again a decade+ difference ). And not just that, Madhuri uprooted her US based surgeon hubby as well. He was once saving lives, now chaperoning his wife's thumkas.

Is the glamour life so irresistible that these stars refuses to call it a day? With so many youngsters coming in everyday, isn't it wiser for the older generation to age gracefully and retire with respect, rather than make mockery out of themselves?
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