There was an old deserted well near a busy highway. Whenever any vehicle passed by they could hear screams comming from inside it, voices of someone yelling frantically, "HELP"!HELP!!

Hearing that, if anyone stopped and went to see if someone had fallen into that well, they never came back alive.

The person would ask, "Is anyone down there?"
Reply would come, "Yes! Please help me."
"Where? I cant see you, its too dark."
"Come near, I am trapped down, please help me, please..."

The person goes nearer to the well and leans over. He sees something moving and the voice says, "Can you see me?"

'Yes, I can..but how to get you out? Theres no rope here to catch and pull you out!"
The voice replies, "Wait,I have a rope, I'll throw it and you can pull me out."

And a thick rope flies out at him from inside the deep well.

"Here,catch..and please pull me out now," the voice pleads.
The man then tries to balance as he holds the rope.
However,as soon as he touches the rope, he starts to feel dizzy, his vision starts to get all hazy.

"Are you alright?" the voice asks.
"Yeah..aah I think so," the man struggles to see clearly. His vision almost totally blurred now.
"Okay pull me out now!" the voice says.

The man starts to feel completedly disoriented, uneasy and weak. Nausea creeps up his entire body with prespiration slowly dripping down in his forhead. It was strange because he was perfectly fine just some moments ago, before he touched that rope!

"Pull!" the voice urges.
"Yess..," the man replies, his voice very weak and tired.
As he tries to pull the rope, his hand gets glued automatically to the rope.
"Ready?" the voice asks.

"Yeah..aah I think so," the man says uneasily.

As soon as he says that and tries to give a tug, the rope suddenly and very mysteriously gets a life of its own. Coming alive and holding the shocked weak man captive, it starts to wrap itself quickly around the man's hand tight like a coil and with a sudden tug it pulls him down into the well.

With his hand stuck to the rope, and totally stunned - and with a big yell, "HELP!" the man falls heavily inside the well and gets sucked in the deep black pit.

Everything is quiet after a while. Evil satisfaction fills the air.

Then after sometime theres a little noise as the rope climbs up again to the surface ( on its own this time ) to watch the fast approaching vehicles roaring away in the busy highway.

"Is there anyone coming?" the voice asks the rope from inside the well.
The rope now sees a boy approaching their way on a bike.It nods its top end vigorously.
"Ok you can come down now," the voice orders the rope.

On its master's orders the latter quickly slides down back inside the well.
After few moments as the bike rider passes by, he hears someone screaming frantically for help. He stops the bike and goes near the well.

"Hello? Anybody there?" the boy asks.
"Yes! Please help me, I'm trapped," a voice answers from inside the well.
The boy walks towards the well slowly.....

( what happens next.... Will The Rope spare him or will the Thirsty Well gulp him? )
Buhahahaha..... the well laughs!!

SHORT FICTION SERIES ( less than 600 words ) | Copyright 2013 © Nandini Deka

( Read Mysterious - Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 )

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  1. Mysterious and totally engrossing. Are you going to share what happens next ?

  2. Nice... :) the possessed rope totally pulled me into the well...:D

  3. Hey Nandu,
    Are you going to keep it a secret or the mystery will gonna be revealed in the next post ?

  4. scary, as if watching a Ram gopal Varma's spooky movie, are you coming with the next part!

  5. Thank you @Vishal @Ashish @odyzz @Meenakshi ...glad you all liked it....<3 <3

  6. Scary and interesting plot. Waiting for the next part.

  7. It'd be strange if rope was a snake.


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