A couple moved into a new apartment. Exhausted that first night, they ate dinner outside.

Later at night, while they were sleeping, they heard a loud tapping noise coming from the kitchen. Too tired they didnt bother to check. Next night too they ate outside as they were not quite settled in yet.
Later at night, again they heard a tapping noise, this time louder as though someone was chopping urgently with a knife.
Curious this time, the man went down to check but all was quiet. No one was there. Strange, he thought!

On the third day, they finished unpacking and had atlast settled in. They decided to eat at home. So, the man bought all the necessary grocery & vegetables for dinner.

When the woman went the kitchen to prepare food, she found an antique looking sharp knife by the vegetable bag. She thought that her husband may have bought it from the market earlier when he had gone shopping. She took it and started to cut the vegetables.
But as soon as she touched the knife, she felt an odd sensation and dizziness. Feeling nauseated she quickly went to the bathroom to splash water on her face.

After some time, when she returned to the kitchen, to her surprise she saw all the vegetable were neatly chopped and laid out ready. Later over dinner she thanked her husband for helping out with the vegetables and also for buying the new knife.

"What knife?" he asked in surprise, "And I didnt chop any vegetables." The woman looked at him stunned. So who chopped them? She wondered.
Any guesses?

SHORT FICTION SERIES ( less than 600 words ) | Copyright 2013 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Ur post reminds me of the movie "Darna manaa hai" where a grp of friends were telling such stories. I was visualising the look on the woman's face & the background score! Lol!
    Aagey kya hua???

  2. Nice engrossing read dear! At first I thought the knife will be used to kill someone...but Thank God! Loved it:)

  3. Where I can I get on of those kinves?? :D

  4. Sometimes there happens a neurone blackout. Prior to blackout there has to be some thing inducing the subconscious mind. Now during the blackout period you do that thing what your subconscious mind wanted to do. However very nice story. develop this theme into a big story.

    1. thats an interesting way to look at it...thank you and welcome to my blog

  5. You are too good at creating mysterious ambience. I am longing for more, I can't suggest anything, you have to surprise me.

  6. Nicely written... It must be her husband. :)

  7. Haaila!! it's spine chilling , do do it again and again...??it's frightening baba..but you for sure did a brilliant job..


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