When industry biggies like HP India, Hungama, Universal Music along with Indiblogger get together at an Awesome Food Hub 'Otto Infinito', only one thing happens -

And this one is one BIG event you dont wanna miss!

I had two prime reasons to be there - am a blogger as well as musician, so the theme "Connected Music" connected to me oh so purrrfect-o-bulously!

One thing did give me doubts initially, for a second. I had become an Indiblogger member just recently ( Nov end'12 to be precise ) so, I wouldnt be knowing a single soul at the meet. But hey! I wouldnt let that stop me would I? After all everyone has their first time, and this was mine.

So, in true ( over ) optimistic spirits I reached the event venue after getting lost on the way for a while ( blame the cabbie for that! )
I saw a pretty girl in pink dress asking where 'Otto Infinito' is to the same guard/watchman whom I had just asked the same question. Immediately I asked her, if she was also going to where I was headed.
So, that was the first blogger whom I met or talked to. We walked to where the guard showed us, and finally saw all the other bloggers ( who had already arrived ) standing outside the venue and chatting away. Seeing the buzz, we knew at once that we were indeed at the right place. We registered our emails at the entrance.

The pink girl then spotted her friends ( as she had been to an indi-meet before ) so she went up to them, and I started looking for a new bakra ( oops! I mean new blogger :p )

Everybody already knew someone or the other and were in groups so with a 'Big' smile pasted on my face I simply looked around, smiling at everyone and increasing the 'WATTS' of my smile at those who smiled back at me. ( I've learnt that when you dont know anyone, your smile comes to your rescue! )
Anyways, we were soon called inside and each one of us were given a white chart to carry along. ( What for? That, we shall soon find out! )

I sat in one of the middle tables. To my right sat two girls and to my left sat another two. So, we got chatting to one another asking if it was their first time, what we blogged about, exchanged our blogging urls and our names. Another girl joined in and showed some articles that she wrote in a tabloid. So, with that things got on to a very friendly start. I found out that I was sitting between one technology expert, one foodie expert, one poetry expert and so on.

Anoop Johnson of Indiblogger Team took the mike and started to warm up our vocal chords with a loud HUD HUD right-arm exercise that we all had to do and also some louder OOOOO-OOOO00AAA !!! He also gave out some cool surprise goodies ( HP Headphones ) to those wearing dupatta or a headgear. So, I got one of those.

He then introduced us to the big shots from HP India, Hungama and Universal Music who unveiled the unique one-of-a-kind product, the "HP Connected Music"! Now this is one cool product I must say, not just easy on the pocket, but, which also is a weapon against ever increasing piracy. The new Touch and Type Hp Laptop was also introduced.

Ranjivjit Singh, CMO of HP India gave us a wonderful live demo of the "HP Connected Music" product that'll be a revolution of sorts in the entire music industry. He even let some of the bloggers to try out the 'HP Connected Music' application and experience it for themselves.

So, what exactly is the product about? HP Connected Music comes Free in the new HP devices powered with Windows 8.
Its portal HP-CconnectedMusic powered by Hungama.com has a special launcher where one can do a quick search and listen to crystal clear music of any genre instantly ( of over 20k+ artists including international ). This music plays only in HP devices, hence piracy is largely controlled.
[ Moreover, with the HP Connected Music, you can also listen to Internet radio, preview and buy tracks, listen to subscription music services, and play music files stored on your computer. ]
This amazing product shall give the ultimate power of choice and accessibility to the Indian consumers which I feel is a great feat.

In between, we were served some delicious pizzas, chicken mishak/sausages starters and some exotic drinks. Pizzas and the chicken got me hooked and I lost count of how many pieces I ate. It was just too yummy.

The Manager and Head Chef of 'Otto Infinito' also gave us a brief insight into the restaurant and its authentic mediterranean cuisine.

So, after this informative session Anoop took over the mike once again and this time sent all of us literally running to collect autographs from fellow bloggers all over the place. I finally understood why we were given those white charts. It was a rather funny activity.
Nevertheless, I managed to collect about 30 odd signatures, although I forgot all their faces except the ones whom I had sat next to.

There were 3 contests too, with fabulous prizes of HP Laptops & Otto Infinito Sunday Brunch invites :
  • a. Tweet your favourite artist/band’s name
  • b. Tweet something sweet about someone you met with a #BFF
  • c. Tweet the real meaning of Otto Infinito
    ( Unfortunately, I couldnot take part as my internet connection was acting up! *sigh* )

    Next, we had a break and dug on to some colourful tortelleni pastas and grilled paneers. The Tortelleni counter was just awesome as we could watch the cook literaly 'cook-it-up' the pastas right in front of us and serve on the spot.

    With our tummies happy, everyone then sat in their previous places as winners of the 3 contests got announced.

    The event signed off with one last contest where everyone was divided into groups of their favourite genre of music. I was in the 13 13 13 ( bollywood ) team which was the biggest and we won! Yay !
    Now, who wouldnt win after singing crazy chartbusters like Munni Badnam, Sheila, Fevicol Se at the top of our voices...eh?

    Thus, I won my second set of headphones being in the winning 13 13 13 group ( sorry if someone didnt get them, lol ) and yeah the fabulous Indiblogger T-Shirt too!

    This supa-fabulous event finally ended with Anoop's sexy catwalk and a Gigantic Say-CHEEZZZEE group photo moment!
    Wow....I'll never forget this event!

    Thanks a lot to Indiblogger, HP India, Hungama, Universal Music and Otto Infinito for this well organised, fun filled event that gave us all some awesome memories, goodies and of course the unforgettable food!

    Winning post of Hp #ConnectedMusic Contest in association with Indiblogger

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    1. Hi Nandi,
      Well seems like you had GREAT fun!!! Very nicely expressed! Just enjoyed reading your article soo much:):)
      Now I do't regret following you ha ha!
      P.S: I couldn't figure out who you are in the pics, wish you had tagged it!
      Any how cheers! Nice post:)

      1. thank you @Bushra ...am looking bit scary in the pics so didnt tag..lol...in case you are wondering, i'm the one with stripes top, open hair and 1000Watts smile :-)

    2. Indiblogger meets rock!
      Lovely round up of the event!

      1. thank you...yea it really rocked!!!

    3. Anonymous19:14

      Great post. :-)

    4. reading this made me go down the memory lane :')

    5. Excellent Coverage . Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Travel India

      1. loved your coverage of it too...thanks

    6. We miss such events in Kolkata..:( Congrats on winning the head phone..! Three cheers to Indi!!!

      1. hey...thanks...I guess if i'm not wrong, you guys can organise one in kolkata and indibloggers will back it.

    7. Seems you guys have lot of fun! Cool...Indi team shud have live video for the event so that non mumbaikar bloggers like us too can view :)

    8. Congrats on winning the sleekbook, Nandini. :)

    9. Congrats sweets!

    10. Goncrats! oops.. Congrats! :)

      Btw, awesome explanation of the entire meet! I must say you have the nack to remember the details too. Good Job!

    11. Thank you...thank you @Numerounity @Akshay @Karishma @Hemal .. <3 <3 \m/

    12. Congrats gal! This post is awsum! Now who wudnt give away that HP black beauty after reading such an interesting account of the meet!

    13. Very nice post. All inclusive.


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