Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such.But, what is a 'twisted unrequited love'?

Since ancient times till present ( i.e today ) love is the essential ingredient that has made the world grow and evolve to what it is.We are all product of love.Love is universal and important for all of us.Love is most important for many of us to survive as well.Without love,life has no proper meaning or direction.It is said that only if you have loved or experienced love then you have truely lived!
However,a good majority of us has gone through love that was never meant to be.
It is not always that we get the person we love in this world.That is sad indeed,but a bitter fact that many of us has gone through.And it is 'unrequited love'.History is filled with such incomplete love sagas.

But what if the person who supposedly loved you once doesnt love you anymore and treats you like a stranger and is indifferent to your feelings?It is devastating not to say the least specially if you haven't moved on and still love and care for that person.It is almost an obsession.You and your feelings haven't changed but the person you love, donot feel the same way for you anymore ( or may never ever have felt anything ) and you sometimes end up doing something drastic! Then you are definately a victim of a tragedy called 'twisted unrequited love' or 'unrequited love with a dramatic twist'!

These Twisted Unrequited Love are called such because they are a bit different than those who cut their loses in their failed love and move on in life as in case of a an ordinary unrequited love.But here in Twisted Unrequited Love it can sometimes have a serious impact because often a drastic action is involved that can leave one seriously affected. Most often that impact is felt the most by those who are a victim of 'TUL' themselves.Though it can have a ripple effect on others as well.But the root cause of such 'twisted unrequited love' is always that the person doesnot let go or find it very difficult to move on.
Some famous examples of Twisted Unrequited Love can be found in famous movies like Darr,Anjam,Pyar tune kya kiya etc.

In a 'TUL' condition,some go into acute depression and some sadly even become suicidal.
Some simply cannot accept or come to terms with such situations and indeed give up their life.Then there are some who become bitter and get into a revenge mode like the infamous Madhur Bhandarkar case slapped by starlet Preeti Jain for unkept promises.Preeti apparantly was promised a 'role' in his movie in return for certain sexual favours.While casting couch does exist in the film industry they are usually best kept under wraps and nobody admits about it in the public.What makes Preeti's case unique is that she went out in the public ,making wild allegations like 'rape' against Bhandarkar and ultimately ( much to his embarrasement ) dragged him to court making it a well publicised scandal.After fighting almost a decade vowing not to give up until she got justice, Preeti recently withdrew all her charges much to Bhandarkar's relief.Naturally everyone was surprised at this sudden decision of hers.Whether it was an out of court settlement,pressure or any other reason no one is sure yet, but it certainly doesnot mean that Bhandarkar is innocent.Perhaps she was indeed wronged,who knows! However with closure of the case we will never find out.

But one thing we can be sure of here is that, it was a case of 'twisted unrequited love'!
Unlike Preeti there are some others timid,who donot opt for revenge.Instead they get affected mentally and literally goes into shock.They start behaving weirdly, doing strange actions or may eventually go mad!
While there are some who even become violent and can cause physical harm.
Yes! It is indeed a 'TUL' that we often get to hear or read news of a lover killing their EX brutally.Thus a TUL may have some really dangerous repercussions.

So beware who you are falling love with :-)

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  1. Hi nandini,

    What a face of love you have painted. Spooky. TUL can get quite dangerous. Thanks for sharing this point of view with all of us.



  2. Thanks for your comments @Jay :-)

  3. I wonder if TUL is indeed 'Love' in the first place. It is when you ego grows bigger than your human feelings, leaving no room for tender feelings called love.

  4. @Meenakshi ...thats a very interesting point too!

  5. loved it!loved it!

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  6. well advocated and well echoed... 'TUL' something really makes us think about!! kudos

  7. Thanks @anurag and @satish :-)

  8. Yeah dear!! There is nothing better than love and I am totally agreed with you that unrequited love is not easily understood. I have seen that love in my friend’s eyes but never get a chance to talk with you on this topic.
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