Someone wise once said that,"In show business,to be sucessful you need to be a performer 27x7 in order to be in the public eye all the time".And for that sometimes if you are not aware already 'Performing' can be doing 'publicity stunts' too!
You are in the show business because you or someone else thinks that you have the talent whether it is acting,music or writing etc.But merely having the talent is not enough because what good is your talent if no one knows about it?If you've got it you've got to flaunt it.
But hold on...just having and flaunting talent is not enough anymore either.You gotta be eye catching too!
With fierce competition all around Artists these days resorts to many gimicks just to create controversy/publicity to generate curiosity and interest in minds of the audience by getting media footage.

Take Lady Gaga for instance..she is incredibily talented but doesnt her outrageous costumes and antics adds more spice/glamour to her personality and makes the whole act even more interesting and intriguing and sometimes even jaw dropping?!
People are always wondering what she'll come up with next.And thus the expectation grows and audience is thus retained.It is called entertainment.Had she simply come up on the stage and sang songs and gone off ( like plain jane ) it'd have been downright boring but these kinda gimicks and antics makes the events more entertaining.Something to look forward to.You're excited and wanna know what she'll hit you with next!

Madonna is mother of all such gimicks...she has done it all.In her decades of a super successful career every act of her on the stage is filled with such eye popping publicity antics.Latest one is of her flashing her nipple in a recent show.Want to know how to do publicity stunts just learn to do it from the Madame herself.She is the ultimate pro!
Michael Jackson has been other one such famous artist with oodles of talent yet it was his antics both on and off the stage that popped billions of eyeballs around the globe.

Britney shaving off her head or back home Yana Gupta flashing panty less or some super model's wardrobe malfunctioning,you'll always find such news or rather antics ( intentional? ) making headlines every other day.
Our own Mika ( the otherwise lesser known 'nasal' singer brother of the very famous Daler Mehndi ) became a household name after his infamous smooch with controversy queen Rakhi Sawant that sent shockwaves throughout the country and set the tongues wagging.If someone didnot know who Mika was,they surely wont forget him in their entire lives after the nonstop coverage of this controversial 'kiss' on national news channels telecasted,debated and analysed for days.

In India this trend of creating controversy has caught on well with small time starlets like Poonam Pandey,Sherlyn Chopra etc. HOTTEST Trend is to say something wild, outrageous in the media, post skimpy or nude pics on twitter ,catch the nation's imagination and pronto! You are laughing all the way to the bank.As you hit the headlines more,the more you'll be invited+hired+paid to attend various events/shows ( as a crowd-magnet to pull in the crowds obviously ).And icing on the cake is if you are controversial enough you'll definately get an invite to appear in a Big Boss season once in your lifetime as well..which is the ultimate and most ideal platform ( almost a heaven ) for such controversy & publicity seekers to give their careers a boost!

Whether it is the west or here in India no one under the sun has been sparred of all these publicity stunts.Sometimes they can be fun sometimes really disgusting...Oh well till there is media there'll always someone trying to catch its attention...So might just as well sit back and enjoy it with a pinch of salt.
Negative or positive...publicity of any sort is at the end of the day a form of entertainment and like Vidya Balan seductively said in the Dirty Picture..only one thing sells in this world today. Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

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