MunMun’s house and family were all decked up. New furniture, new dresses et all. The groom’s family was coming to see her - and a possible engagement too err..if everything went alright, that is. The house looked fantastic and everything was perfect. That was until, the grand meal was being prepared and just then the groom’s family arrived too. Now the big problem was – MunMun, being Bengali, fish cuisine was a must for the guests ( bride’s side ). However, the groom’s family was a Himachali brahmin and vegetarian – yes, you guessed it right – it was a love marriage. And after long cajoling, both families had ultimately got ready for the alliance. With the fish smell threatening to knock their ( groom’s side ) senses off, MunMun grew alarmed. She saw the guests beginning to twitch their noses uncomfortably, at the nagging scent. Forgetting her own engagement mahurat, that was soon to happen, MunMun ran to the prayer room to light up as many incense sticks and perfumed candles as she could, to drive away the pungent fish smell. She then heard a sound from behind. It was Abhi, her fiancée. “Leave those,” he said, “I knew fish would be in the menu, so brought this along.” He waved an Ambipur Air-Effects that he held in his hand. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, MunMun rushed to get it but not before Abhi wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered seductively, “You owe me this one, my darling Bangalan. I just saved our engagement.”

Their engagement was indeed saved that day, as Ambi Pur Air-Effects versus Regular Aerosols or any other incenses/perfumes did not just help by covering the odours it helped remove them completely!
After marriage, fish was a big no-no in the Sharma household. But MunMun couldn't forget her fish loving Banerjee Bong roots now, could she? When rest of the family was out, she did indulge herself secretly. But like Ambipur had once saved her engagement, she never forgot to keep it nearby, as a handy Smell-Destruction weapon. And when the family returned, they wouldn’t get a single clue, that fish was cooked in the house during the day. #SmellyToSmiley in a zap.

Not just fish smell, as her own family grew ( i.e hum do humare do kinda ), MunMun had to keep up dealing with their dirty & sweaty clothes, wet socks and shoes especially when her kids returned from school or playground, the garbage that would pile; not to mention the odor in the toilet & bathroom with the kids constantly using them. Of course, the situation would get only worse during the monsoons. Ambipur came as an instant answer – as there was nothing better than to have an odour free home thanks to Ambi Pur Air-Effects. That MunMun knew!

One day, Sweety her next-door neighbor, came to their house looking very worried. Sweety had kids too, but unlike MunMun, her face was full of tensions. On being asked, she replied how her husband preferred meeting up with friends and extended family outside rather than at their own home due to bad smells ( of cooking, wet clothes, garbage etc ). She had tried everything – flowers, incenses, scented candles, but the horrid scent was always there. Infact, when her husband’s Boss had once called on phone, wanting to visit their home, Sweety’s husband immediately made an excuse to meet somewhere else. It embarrassed Sweety no end, because, according to her husband a bad smelling home was not a home to invite guests – atleast, not the company Boss; his promotion would be at stake. Moreover, how could he punish his guests by making them sit in a smelly house! It pained her that being a grihani she wasn't able to please her husband with a good smelling 'welcoming' home.

Understanding the grave situation, MunMun immediately gave the remedy she knew so well tried and tested multiple times. When she heard next from Sweety, in next couple of days, it was the best news possible. She had started using Ambipur like MunMun had advised, and it helped tremendously in keeping her house fresh and odour free. And her husband was so impressed and proud too, that he himself invited his Boss to dinner. So, like MunMun and Sweety battled their odor worries, I’ve been using Ambipur Air-Effects myself since long successfully and winning odour battles everyday hands-down. What about you?
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