Big Andys's life was weird. Dressed in all black, her life was black too - dark, depressed, lonely and very smelly. A walking disaster! She was hardly 35, but looked almost 50+ old and hagged. People shunned her. They'd frown and twitch their nose immediately on spotting her. They just couldn't stand the stink that hovered around her 24x7. She was a spinster, very introverted, who lived in her own world. Oh..she wasn't poor or anything, neither was she always like this. Infact, her existence was much brighter and had seen happier days. Happier until her crush was single and available, that is. Her crush? Well, read on...

Hambhir Kapoor, was her crush. The super-hero who had stolen her heart big time. She dreamt of marrying him day and night. She'd bath daily, clean the house and spray the air-freshner without fail - all to welcome the love of her life into her domain. A guest ready home & heart and he'd be the sole VIP guest in both. Then one day, suddenly, Sweetrina stole him from right underneath her nose. Sweetrina, that bollywood chick! Oh how Big Andy hated her. How could Hambhir do this to her? What a cheat he was. What about those innumerable promises he made to her, that he'll always be hers? So what if they were imaginary - promises are promises, afterall. With depression and gloom enveloping her, Big Andy withdrew into a shell. An introvert from prior, her level of introvertedness multiplied manifolds, that she completely stopped talking to everyone – including her family. For days and nights, she’d simple stare at the posters of Hambhir, that she hung in every wall of her room and keep asking – why, why….why had he betrayed her? To please him, she had even stopped eating her favorite fish-curry, when she had learnt Hambhir hated fish because of its smell. Why-O-Why!

Well…what-the-fish…. Big Andy started eating fish again, cooked in dripping mustard-oil. Day in and day out, just to overcome her trauma or perhaps in revenge really for the betrayal. As a result, her home and she smelt of fish 24x7 - yes, that horrid smell! She stopped caring about her surroundings as well. If she went out, in the rains, she’d just dump her wet socks in one corner on her return. For days, the garbage in her house would keep piling. She’d hardly bath, and even if she did, she’d hardly put out the clothes to dry in the sun - if she ever washed them that is ( full of dirt and sweat as they constantly were ). She’d just put them on top of each other, damp, inside the house itself. The bathroom was no better, it stank. Infact, the whole house would stink big-time and she carried that stink everywhere with her. Big Andy had simple lost her zest for living. All these made her a total alien in the society and everyone dreaded the sight of her, much less, be seen near her proximity. She stank from miles away and her home too was unbearable, both inside and outside - Smelly. But it made no difference to her at all. She got used to it. Only a hunk hotter than Hambhir would perhaps make her change her habits now. But who would it be? Was there anyone?


Harun Bhawan’s new movie was releasing. A new heart-throb, he was the talk of the town. All girls went ga-ga over him. "Harunnnnnnn….," they’d squeal at the sight of him, in excitement. Big Andy, fiercely loyal to Hambhir till now, though he cheated (she’s an Indian Naari afterall ), got the whiff of the hot rumours floating about. Harun would be shooting the climax sequence right next to her building. When the film-crew came to put up the enormous film-set, Big Andy was finally convinced that the rumours were indeed true. During the shooting day, curious who was Harun anyway, she peeped through her curtains – Oh...what a dish Harun turned out to be! She gasped at the sight of him. Hawt as hell... Hambhir ( her ex-crush ) looked like a mouse in front of him. But the shooting was being delayed. Harun Bhawan kept twitching his nose uncomfortably, looking around irritatedly. He was distracted 'cos he was getting an annoying stench in his sensitive nose. Something was not right in this neighbourhood, he complained. The director and producers panicked. Shooting cancelled, would mean lots of money wasted. And this location was just perfect for the climax shot. But Harun was shaking his head, his hands over his nose. He was in no mood to shoot. "Pack up...!" He nearly shouted, angrily. Big Andy, was looking at all the commotion outside. She then realized, maybe it was because of her. The stench of her house had moved out as well. Didn't she notice her neighbours squirm at the sight of her, or putting their handkerchief over their nose, whenever they passed by her house? Already, head over heels in love with Harun ( how long does it take to fall in love, anyway ), she knew she had to do something to stop him from going away without shooting. He was a guest in the neighbourhood after all. She had to do something fast. And then she remembered. The ultimate Weapon of 'Smell Destruction'!!!

She quickly ran to her old trunk, where she stored all good but neglected things. The air-freshner, she rummaged through it madly, she needed it fast. Atlast, she found it. It was months since she had last used it - the day Hambhir and Sweetrina got hitched. She looked at it. It still had some of its contents. It should work, she hoped. IT WILL WORK - a voice inside her said - it was Ambipur afterall. Her house used to be beautiful earlier - all spick and span. Harun..Harun...stop him before he goes away, the voice urged. And she knew how exactly to stop him.

She took out the air-freshner, and with a vengeance started spraying. In every nook and corner of her house - near the garbage bin; near the smelly socks; near the dirty and damp clothes; in her kitchen - driving away the awful fish smell; in her bathroom - driving away the horrific unhealthy stench. On her way around the house, she even tore off the posters of Hambhir. She was so over him! Months of odor was replaced by the heavenly fragrance of Ambipur instantly. Big Andy knew her madness over Hambhir was over as well and replaced by the freshness of Harun too. After spraying enough of Ambipur Air-Effects air freshner, she ran to the curtain to check if the commotion outside had subsided. Oh Yes, what-a-relief! Harun had relaxed now and was smiling. The stench had vanished. All thanks to A. Big Andy heaved a sigh of happiness, as she watched the rest of the shooting progress without a hitch. A changed her home and surroundings from #SmellytoSmiley in a zap. And she indeed smiled, after months. She resolved to resume her earlier routine - of keeping her house spick and span, of which, spraying air-freshner regularly is an integral part. Now, one can only hope Harun Bhawan remains single for a very long time ;-)
While the story above maybe fictitious, the magic of A's #SmellyToSmiley is indeed very Real!
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