Motherhood is such an amazing and divine experience in someone’s life, that not just the one who actually give birth are affected by it ( of course in a good way ), but those nearby - witnessing the whole event, are also not left untouched by it all especially if the birth takes place in one’s own household or to someone very close.

I witnessed the birth of 3 delightful angels and those have been the most precious moments in my entire life, even though it wasn’t really my own kid. When my sister gave birth to her first-born and I saw the tiny little bundle lying in deep sleep, looking like a cute mouse, I felt as though I had given birth to him myself. Every single day of watching him growing up, was perhaps the most awe-striking days of my life. Holding him in my arms was so precious that when I think back, I still remember the soft baby powder smell that he was always dabbed in or the oily smell of him just before his bath. My mother taught my sister the process of oiling the baby, and would often say how important it is for a child’s growth – a good ( baby ) oil massage two-three times a day.

Talking about oil ( a bit different kinda ) ~ a woman goes through a lot during her pregnancy. Her abdomen gets stretched and she also puts on a considerable amount of weight, which in turn leaves marks in her body especially after the delivery when the skin is left flabby. This can leave a not so pleasing look as my friend, who recently delivered twins, had to face. I asked her about the whole process ( pregnancy, delivery and post delivery ) and she shared her opinion below. So, over to Mrs.Sikha Dutta ---


“Well, I am new in this so forgive me if I make any mistake. Being pregnant was a long awaited cherished or yearning ( call it whatever ) dream of mine. Almost 6 years of marriage had passed and I was getting worried. We tried and tried, but were unable to have any baby. We went to many gynecologists who did several fertility tests, but were unable to pin-point the exact problem. We were rapidly losing hope, but then suddenly, one day I felt I was pregnant. Yes felt! It was as if I almost knew - intuition perhaps. I had missed my period by few months and when we went to check this time, the results were positive. Both me and my husband were thrilled to the core. It was as though our prayers were finally heard. But the doctors gave me another surprising news too – it was not one baby but two inside me. Don’t they say – “bhagwan jab dete hai to chappad phad ke dete hai.”

Anyhow, we were really excited. Within months my tummy had become so huge, I had a hard time moving about. Reason was not just the twins inside, but my whole family feeding me 24x7. They said, you have to eat for 3 people now. Imagine that. It was their love of course. However, my skin started showing stretch marks, in my tummy area as well as my buttocks and thighs. I thought it’ll be okay after the delivery, but due to some complications we had to opt for a C-section delivery. They split open my tummy which left a nasty scar afterwards. During delivery and post-delivery, I forgot all these as my twins just took over my life and demanded all my attention. They were my little angels but lets say little naughty angels. But I so loved them. They made my life so much more meaningful and made the couple - that is, my husband & me - a full-fledged family. After a while, I did get conscious about myself too and decided to do something about those stretch marks and scar on my skin. Another friend of mine recommended Bio Oil, so I started using it. It is for mothers who face the issue during pregnancy period and with regular use the problem fades out on its own. So, when I think of motherhood, myriad memories flood my mind - all the anxiety followed by all the bliss, my twins have blessed me with! Thank you - Sikha.
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Moments of today become memories of tomorrow. We try with all our might to preserve these memories before they are taken away by the passage of time. And when these memories are related to motherhood, they become all the more special and cherished. Bio Oil has been one of the most trusted product for women, especially expectant mothers all over the world since 2002.
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