My Dearest Baby…

Today, I felt a little pain in my abdomen and was drowsy throughout. But you know what, I was still feeling so happy and was completely at peace. Because, it’s you who’s been doing all those tiny mischief inside me, my adorable little un-born! How can I be annoyed when you are trying to say something to me, your mom; thus, making me feel those tiny kicks in my tummy every now and then. Worry not sweetheart, that day is coming very near, the day when we will finally meet. The day, when I’ll hold you in my arms! The anxiety and pain I’m going through now, is all so worth it. It’s indeed a blessing to become a mother, I’ve now realized. To give birth is such a divine power, that God has bestowed upon us, women. Since, the last few months that you’ve been inside me, I’ve been only dreaming day and night, for that ultimate moment. I’ve been wondering how you’ll become as you grow; how your personality will develop. Even though I am excited, my sense of responsibilities has grown manifolds too.

I want to bring you into this world all prepared, my child. This world is not an easy place to live. Circumstances are such, one can get corrupted easily - and that leads to all the crimes & unhappiness that we see. But with right values instilled, from a very young age, you can still make it a better place. Yes you, my dear. Thus, my conversations start with you when you are still inside me and shall forever carry on. I know you can hear and feel every word and emotion of mine. So, what’s better than to give you life’s lessons from this very onset? Some lessons, that I learnt from my own mother, your grandmother. Lessons so vital, lessons so precious.

I remember my mother bringing us up ( me and your aunt ), all alone. She worked pretty hard from quite a young age herself ( managing both home and work ) and I’ve always admired the tremendous courage she had, to face all the challenges life threw her way. Oh..there were too many of those. It wasn’t an easy feat for a small-town woman to bring up two growing children on her own, inspite of having a husband who rarely contributed. I learnt so many valuable lessons from her, just by observing her. The strong sense of compassion, faith, sincerity, will-power, perseverance, never give-up attitude and most importantly 'honesty' in all her actions and words. It has made me follow those virtues too, because I wanted to be exactly like my mother – the picture of perfectness; someone who is my idol. And if I ever failed, I’d end up being very guilty, until I cleared the air with my mother first by confessing of my wrong-doings. I’d write small chits of letters to her, confessing whatever wrong I did and she’d instantly forgive me with a benign smile. Honesty is so important my dear. If you are honest, you are never burdened in your life. You know you are on the right path. You remain unfazed by petty worries or insecurities, if you are honest. So, honesty will be the first lesson I’d like to inculcate in you, my dear child...

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Most of the values that we hold in high esteem, like compassion, faith, sincerity, and most importantly honesty, are taught by the mother to the child. A mother, through her words and actions, inculcates the value of honesty in a child that becomes her legacy.
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