‘The World Remade’ activity, where you get a chance to be the Creator. And not just any creator, but the creator who rebuilds the world. If you got a chance to remake the world, what kind of world would you build? What would you retain from this world? Which parts would you demolish and rebuild in a new way? What kind of world would you create that makes you exclaim with pride and happiness – “Here’s The World, Remade!”

I read the above paragraph couple of times; blinking and unblinking my eyes, again and again. So, the ultimate power was being given to me to remake the world. Needless to say, I take up the challenge. However, I don't want to be predictable and say I'll do this, I'll do that. Its so cliched. I don't want to be all that preachy-preachy either, advising others to do this or that. Do I want some kinda Utopia? Hell no, I don't. It'll be very boring then, trust me. We need the spice of ups and downs, to really understand life better ~ and thus, live better :-)

Let me explain in details : I feel darkness of the night is very important to greet and cheer the bright next morning, a storm is important to witness the colourful rainbow afterwards, a little sadness is important to treasure the moments of happiness, tears are important to admire the beauty and radiance of a bright smile, struggle and failure is important to taste the ultimate champagne of success, death is important to appreciate and value life and so on. Thus, little negativity is important to know what is positivity. And both are what makes our lives. One is incomplete without the other. Only thing is, too much of everything is bad. So, too much of negative thing is indeed very bad, so, my effort will be to balance it out with equal dosage of positivity. And too much of positivity will be bad too. Cut away all the negative things that I mentioned above, will we truly enjoy or value the positives then? I think not. I don't want this world to be all holy holy, goody goody saintly at all. I want it to be naughty and a bit mischievous too.

So, one question is definitely forming in your mind - that, do I want the world to remain as it is? Without changing it one bit? Yes! You think right ...well somewhat. Its true, I don't want to change the world at all. I feel God or whoever created this world, has filled it up with enough spices, to give us the ultimate 'adventure' called life. And I'm enjoying it to the fullest - the full package-deal of both positives and negatives. So, why would I want to change it at all? This, however, doesn't mean that I appreciate all the sufferings, corruption, poverty, diseases, wars, death etc happening all around either. I'm no sadist! But I believe, everything exist because it is meant to be. And we can indeed balance things out a bit as well thus contributing - so that sufferings are less, poverty and corruption controlled ( they can't be eradicated anyways ), diseases too lessened, wars staying far away from us, and death prolonged ( we can't escape it, but we can definitely try having good habits like ~ eat healthy, no smoking, keep environment clean, don't rash-drive; thus, reduce manmade deaths called accidents ).

So, ultimate action is with what we actually 'do'. Karma, as it is called. Instead, of changing the world, I will try to change my actions first, and that'll reflect on my Karma too. I can perhaps try be a little more sensitive than I previously was, a little more benign than I was earlier, a little more humble and modest than I ever was, a little more careful of not hurting others, a little more honest in my dealings no matter what temptations the situation throws, a little more loyal and trustworthy for others to have faith in me, a little more tolerant, a little more compassionate, a little more considerate, a little more patient, a little more understanding, a little more giving, little more humane ~ little, and perhaps just a little more. Last, but not the least, I little by little influence those around me as well, and they in turn others - so that there is a ripple effect created and the network grows & expands - and then, when it spreads far and wide, the world would be remade on its own. It just starts with me ( us )!

[ Art by ©Me the Creator :-) ]
I don't want an Utopia,
I want my world to be a mixture of both,
A perfect balance of positive and negative,
I just want a little change in all of us,
Mind you, just a little change
that will make all the difference,
And a New World Remade!
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( Images - Sketch is ©Mine ) | We refer to the Earth as ‘our’ world, but in reality, it is we who belong to the world. We are born, we try to have a successful and happy life withing the framework of society and traditions and we teach our children to do the same. That is our contribution to the world. But what if the world could be remade, your way?
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