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They were Soul-Sisters; their friendship everyone swore by, strong and everlasting right from their kindergarten days gone by.

Growing up together they shared everything; their secrets their dreams, unknown even to their closest blood relatives.

Such strong was their bond; it was a charm to see them hang around hand-in-hand, always together.

Until the day that ‘handsome boy’ entered their lives, and swept one of them off her feet, altogether.

Her friend was almost ignored, as the attention got split; their friendship finally in tatters now ‘cos for the same boy, she had fallen deep.

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  1. Wohooooooo!

    Interesting! :)

  2. Romance distanced the two soul-sisters.

  3. Oh...that's a common reason for girlie friendships getting sour.

  4. Anonymous15:48

    That's a good one :)


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