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  1. Vroom...

“Anna! When is it coming?” The group of gals sat around the watchman of the old Haveli, listening to the story of the infamous biker ghost.
“’ll hear him soon,” the watchman looked at them amusedly.
“He’s just joking. Let’s go sleep now,” one of them said.
Just then VROOOOOOM, a ghostly bike went past.

  2. Splash...

“Was it seriously the biker ghost?” Tia asked, “I thought he was joking, a prank.”
They were in the washroom of the old Haveli, splashing water on their tired faces.
“But I swear I heard the vroom noise of the bike. All of us did,” Simi spoke up.
“Alas, there was no bike in sight!”

  3. Crash...


A loud noise outside caught their attention.
“What was that?” Tia asked, “It sounded like some huge tree falling.”
“Let’s go outside and see,” Simi was curious.
“No, I think we should stay inside,” Mona was the most timid of them all.
Bang…the door banged heavily just then.
“What’s going on?” All were spooked.

  4. Growl...

“This place is giving me the creeps!” Mona said, frightened as the door continued to bang heavily.
Whooooosh….suddenly the lights went out.
“Get some candles quick! I spotted them on the dressing drawer,” Tia ordered.
“Yes, I got them,” Simi lighting one with her lighter.
A loud GROWL came then, from outside the broken window.

  5. Pitter-Patter...

Hearing the growl, all of them froze. They held each other’s hands. Vrroom… sound of the phantom bike came again from a distance.
Pitter-patter the rain was starting to pour heavily.
BANGGG….The front door continued to be banged.
“Open up…..”A growling voice commanded from outside.
Mona peeped out and saw the watchman. But he looked different.

  6. Buzzz...

“It’s a monster!” Mona cried. The watchman resembled a scary monster now. He had grown twice his size, with protruding teeth and claws. “The watchman…he has become a monster,” she whispered shakily, teeth clattering.
“What nonsense!” Tia tried to be brave.
“I swear! What will we do now?”

BUZZZZZZZZ….the morning alarm rang. Mona jumped awake.

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  1. Anonymous10:53

    A sound Dream !

  2. sound and spooky :D nice write

  3. Creative write up(s)!

  4. Hahaha.That was hilariously scary.Wonderful post

  5. Great ones. I'm very familiar with these ghosts. You find them aplenty in Delhi.

    1. WOW...Would love to read abt them :P

  6. Expressive words... but why do such nice stories always end up in someone waking up?

    Arvind Passey

  7. very expressive. liked all of them :)

  8. Scary dream...eek...its late and I had to read ur post now..very effective :)

  9. Hahaha ...a scary one with a comical twist...:) great 55's

  10. Anonymous02:56

    An interesting format and the suspense is well maintained too. But it goes against my theory that dreams are 'soundless'! Thanks for including me in the family.


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