Where girls can roam around free till night,
Without any fear of rape, molestation in sight,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

This is a major issue Delhi ( and also some other places in India ) is facing in current times. Women are feeling absolutely unsafe with the number of rapes/molestation incidents inreasing day by day. While there are certain safety measures women can take as a precaution, we need to go deep and understand why the sick mentality or psyche prevails in most men in the first place - where he takes it for granted that he can harm or humiliate a woman. My opinion is, good upbringing and values given from early childhood can change this attitude to a large extent - by making women aware as mothers, not to discriminate between genders of any of her children and also teaching young boys to respect women. Lessons of equality and respect taught early in life, often stays a lifetime.

Where the roads are kept sparkling clean,
And strict laws in place of no littering,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

If we make so much effort to keep our houses clean, then why do we keep the outside dirty. Why are we so careless about our surroundings? Isn't the earth too our larger home? Litter/garbage heaps are a common sight even in a big city like Delhi - which is supposed to be the capital of India. If we throw garbage on streets, only we as citizens look dirty. A foreigner, when he comes to India and sees all the garbage, litter or red paan-stains around everywhere, he will only have one thought in his mind - how dirty these Indians are. Dirty people seldom deserve any respect now, do they? Nevermind, if their homes are sparkling clean. The foreigner won't come to check that. It is the first impression one gets, that matters when he enters the city, and that impression forever stays, by which he forms his opinions too and perhaps conveys the news to his countrymen. So, not just him but his country people too ends up thinking Indians as dirty. Have a look at European countries or closer home cities like Singapore - where littering is an offence and punishable. Though we donot require to be as strict, we still certainly need to drill the message of 'cleanliness' to the Delhi public and elsewhere vigorously. Besides, keeping our city clean also helps keep out deadly diseases of Dengue/Malaria/Plague and stops assembling of stray animals trampling over the litter.

Where sides of streets are planted green,
And air we breathe is pollution free,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

Delhi is a landlocked city, hence the pollution level is very high. It is thus extremely important to plant as much greenery as possible - because plants are said to absorb in the unhealthy carbon-dioxide and other toxins present in the air, and give out oxygen. Humans survives on this oxygen. And Delhi being extremely hot in the summers, shades of the trees would provide an easy respite, not to mention its breezes too - which will provide a much needed cooling effect. So more reasons infact, to plant as much trees possible. And greenery is proven good for health - both physical and mental.

Where to answer nature's call, ruins not other's walls,
Public hygiene maintained with zeal,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

Unfortunately, not just in Delhi but also in other urban cities we see this problem at large. There are no sufficient public toilets, and people have to go through lot of uncomfortable situations while making journeys, to and fro their work/home. While we have the females controlling themselves for hours, putting their kidneys/
bladders at risk ( causing severe health problems in the long run ), men usually relief themselves on some street/building walls or corners. We also see people openly defaecating on railway tracks or near garbage bins. This is not only unhygienic, but leaves a horrible stink too. So, it is very urgent to provide public toilets every few kilometres and make sure they are maintained well with running water and are hygienic. I'm sure public too will be willing to contribute in its maintainence by paying a small charge to use the loo. And there should be free public toilets for the poor too who can't afford. After all whats our tax money for? Surely, it can be put to use for this urgent cause. It'll atleast make street-walls stink free!

Where no one breaks traffic rules,
And those who break are brought to book,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

We as citizens too should be responsible, must realize our duties and not blame the whole world for every wrong or misery on earth. How many of us try to over-take a speeding vehicle on roads/
highways or even break simple traffic signals? Most of us have done it at some point of our lives. Many still continue doing it, even though in their heart they know very well that it is wrong. We get away easily by shelling out a bribe to the traffic police man, who pockets it quietly, instead of writing a legal challan. This has to stop - both on our parts as rule breakers and the police officials as bribe takers ( who should be infact rule enforcers ). Breaking traffic/speed rules most often leads to serious accidents as well and we see that happening all the time. Who is responsible for that? At times we have to seriously reflect on our actions too and be accountable for it..

Where right to education for all is served,
And worthless reservations is snubbed,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

While reservation had a logic back during the independence times, politicians have since continued the 'reservation politics' even after 60+ years for their own petty political gains - whereas provision was made in our constitution very clearly to eradicate it after the initial few years. Reservation only divides a society further. We Indians are a same race, having same DNA, then how come we are divided into all these high/low class/castes ( not to mention religion, languages etc ) . It simply doesn't make any sense. Reservation if at all, should be only on economic basis to a person who is genuinely needy. Not for every Tom, Dick or Harry who claim to belong to so and so caste. Education instead should be made accessible for all and not expensive to afford. Girls are discouraged to study further after sometime and pushed into marriages - this has to stop.

Where Sarkari babus or the traffic havaldars,
Do their duty sans greed, corruption kicked,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

We all know how the bureaucracy runs. Be it ration card or any other govt related work, we have to run from pillar to post for months ( if not years ), to get our work done. If we want it faster, there's of course a way for it too - simply pay a huge bribe. It has become such a norm now, that we ourselves ask casually how much money it'll take to get the work done to the officer handling our file. While actually they do get good enough salary for the same and is their duty. From gas-wala, postman, milkman etc everyone no longer requests - instead they demand a 'bakshish' and even threaten to stop serving if we refuse to pay. Why has it come to this? If we refused to pay any bribe to them in the initial days itself, they'd not have gathered so much guts to demand it from us. So, to a large extent we are responsible for this mess that we are in. Remember, a bribe giver is as guilty as a bribe taker. So it all starts with us. And we are the ones who have to end it too - yes, you and me!

Where qualified people get their jobs, tenders passed,
Not cause of connections they got, but on merit,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

After bribery, 'shifarish' or recommendations is a notorious practice too, going on rampant, unchecked! Its another thing if a well deserved candidate is recommended, but most often than not we find, it is recommendations by powerful politicians/industrialists etc for their kith and kin. Political leaders awards the constituency seats to their relatives, or a winning party may pass easily tenders of those companies who finance them. So a deserving meritorious or able person may be denied a party ticket/job/tender and instead, the same is given to a long known thug languishing in some jail or some questionable undeserving person, simply because he has connections at high and right places. Now, I don't have to mention do I, that there are MPs/MLAs serving their time in jail, yet ruling the roost. How will a country progress, if its ruled by thugs?

Where each citizen's safety is forever ensured,
Their lives via accidents or terror never threatened,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

Do not 'for god's sake' take safety and security of the citizens for granted. India is a populous nation so nobody blinks an eye if a couple of them gets blown off or butchered by terrorists or other natural calamities. There is absolute lack of sympathy or caring for the timely handling of people stranded in a life threatening situation eg floods, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis. Politics takes over and politicians get busy trying to grab brownie points over their opponents, instead of sending in the urgent help - for rescue, relief/food material etc. Most of the time its the Indian Army, who in the end are called in as there is no proper disaster relief measures in place to tackle such circumstances. Other countries have great measures of security for their people e.g USA went after two countries for daring to smash planes into the Twin Towers. Can we do the same? Can we actually count the number of times there have been bomb-attacks on us? Countless!! Pan-India! Terrorist from other countries dared to come in broad day light and took hostage of our premium 5 star hotels and made their demands. Our planes even got hijacked to release terrorists. The list goes on. We have bled and bled for years now. But still we can't say or be satisfied that the Govt has taken adequate measures. I see police men stationed in various railway stations, but they are busy gossiping amongst themselves. We ignore and walk on, then a bomb blast suddenly hits us. Who is responsible? If we see such careless officers, isn't it our duty to lodge complaint against them. And govt has to provide security to its people - we have paid our hard earned money as tax for that! We should on our part also, be always alert, observant and look out for abandoned parcels, suspicious behaviour of people and report them.

Where street urchins, beggars or rowdy elements,
Are kept away from creating nuisance,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

Where there is a metro, there are slums. Where there are slums there's got to be beggars/rowdy elements. Delhi is inundated with a flood of migrants - not just from all corners of the country, but from beyond the borders too eg. migrants from Bangladesh/Nepal who come in illegally from the porous borders. This not just put massive stress on resources, but also creates lots of chaos. This also gives rise to crimes like theft, robbery even murder, kidnap etc ( very often rape too ). So a control is urgently required. Illegal migrants should be pushed away instead of being welcomed with gifts like ration/voters cards and made into vote banks. We should raise our voices strongly. When illegal elements are chased out, and proper jobs given to the unemployed locals - petty crimes too will stop!

Where drinking water, electricity or life's necessities,
Are rights we get without our pockets pinched,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

It is our right as tax payers to be given the essential services that we pay for. However, with price shooting up the roof every day, even the simplest of life's necessary things are becoming unaffordable gradually. Politician who dictates budgets donot feel the pinch - they get it all for free, but we the common people do. We are the ones who suffers the most and have to bear the brunt of it all. The pinch felt, is simply too hard on the pockets and digs holes that are miles deep. In the last few years, prices of things have doubled so much that its become very difficult for many to make their ends meet. Price rise, inflation has shaken the markets and value of Rupee went on an all time low. All these in turn, affects our day to day existence too. We urgently need solid mechanism to control this absurd price rise and restore people's faith again. Its high time the burnt holes in their pockets are stitched back and given what is due.

Where fourth pillar of democracy, is not puppet of a few,
Joins hands with the masses, to build country new,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

Once upon a time, the media/press were considered the 4th pillar of democracy. Journalists were noble souls who hunted the truth and brought it out to the public, often risking their lives in the process. Times have changed, and how! With coming of news channels, paid media is the new reality, and its a big shame. Corruption had trickled its way into this once respectable profession. Its all about money now. Political party esp the one in power uses/misuses media as per its whims, often against its oppositions. What we see these days are mostly manufactured paid news. And when it is paid news, we know for sure that it can't be truth as-it-is, rather it is what they want us to see/believe. And if by some miracle, certain media houses are still non-corrupt, they still can't expose the truth for the fear of govt-controlled CBI or any other agencies that would be sent after them, with fabricated accusations. They might find themselves in the minority and be scorned at by other channels. We thus, urgently need to clean up the media asap and save our democracy.

Where Netas and leaders donot make futile promises,
And fulfils the ones they do make,
That's My Delhi Manifesto...

The political parties and politicians make hundreds of promises during election times. But once elections are over, they become totally amnesic and forget all those promises. They get busy filling their pockets, making luxurious holiday tours abroad, acquiring acres of real-estate for their future generations. To remind them of their forgotten promises, we need a very strong lok-pal and accountability system, so that no public money is ever misused for their private purposes. A strong lok-pal or a recalling procedure for a non-delivering politician/MP is a must, if we want true justice.

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