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In pre-kindergarten, my momma left me crying at the gates,
My first friend you became, cos' you had a similar fate,
Played the cubes, balls till both our mommas came back to take,
Those were the best days of my life....

Now in a proper school, a huge nursery hall for us the tiny tots,
We sat next to each other, all curious to take on the world,
Our first alphabets we learnt together, share tiffin thou' we'd not,
Those were the best days of my life....

More grown up now, learnt new subjects and how to calculate,
We'd hold hands and go together to the teacher's staff room,
to share our toffees on each other's birth-dates,
Those were the best days of my life....

Pretty soon we entered our teens, discovered newly nature's secrets,
Gossiped and had our girly fun, discussed boys while sharing tiffins,
We played more daring games like kho-kho, kabadi, volley ball,
Those were the best days of my life....

Hurray, college years now! Boys we ogled at, are pretty near too,
We learn to flirt and make friends with them as well,
Life's journey takes such a pleasant and exciting turn,
Those were the best days of my life....

Studies over, we go different ways, lose touch, make newer friends,
Busy in our careers or married life, some now have own children too,
Get nostalgic and remember sometimes those years gone by,
When we meet again over twitter, facebook....

Those were indeed the best days of my life....Happy Friendship Day!

blogadda wow series

blogadda wow series
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  1. Yes we all have similar stories, and we all grapple with friendships such. From kindergarden to places many..

    I was thinking we could return to blogadda forum and discuss each other's posts what say?



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