‘ND, you are not normal. Trust me when I say this. You are not normal, period,’ my friend said with such intensity that I had to look at her with my mouth gaped wide open. Nobody had ever said this to me, so, it was something thrown at me out of the blue.
‘Why do you say that?’ I was curious. I had to know. How on earth could she say this to me! It was so astonishing; I just had to know why she thought that of me.

‘You think for yourself, you’ll know,’ my friend answered back; but not really quite answering, dammit!
‘How am I supposed to know, until you tell me that? Is it some type of joke or prank you’re playing on me?’ I’ll pester her till I get the answer, I decided. She can’t leave me hanging in-air, after making such a declaration on my whole being, my identity. ‘Tell me,’ I nearly thundered.
‘Okay okay…don’t get mad, I’ll tell you.’

I waited, as she paused…a long pause, nearly making me mad all over again.
‘Hmmm…where do I start?’ She looked at me, narrowing her eyebrows thoughtfully.

‘Why not at the beginning itself, like why and what made you think that, and come to such conclusion about me?’ I was getting really impatient now.

‘Well, you always told me how you like children, but, from a distance. That you’d never want to have a child of your own. Don’t you think it’s abnormal?’ My friend questioned me.

True, I had said that ( many times perhaps ) and I meant it too. I mean, children are cute, aren’t they, but only from far away and especially when they belong to others. And when they grow, they are just brats you can’t tolerate. What’s abnormal about it?! Duh! And, to become pregnant itself is such an ordeal, I always thought. Imagine, once you become a mother, your life isn’t your own any more. It’s dictated by this brat who decided to land from heaven and make your life hell with this or that demand 24x7. Hell no, I was normal enough not to want them at all. My life and freedom was too important for me. I don’t want horrible scars too in my body for life, giving birth to such brats. That was one of my biggest fear too. I had heard horrible stories of pain and scars one goes through at childbirth, something that had totally put me off the whole thing.

I didn’t realize, I was mumbling my barrage of thoughts aloud, for my friend had this smug 'I-knew-it' expression on her face.
‘See, I told you, you are not normal,’ she re-affirmed.

‘Okay fine,’ I said, giving up. ‘Till you can convince me with something that can alter my thoughts completely, I’ll prefer to remain abnormal. Forget kids being brats and demanding the hell out of you your entire life, I’ll tolerate that, because, I’ve been a somewhat demanding kid myself, and I’ll accept it as my Karma coming back at me; but, convince me that the nine months I’m pregnant will not be a hellish time too and that my body won’t have everlasting signs and marks of pain; and then, I promise, I’ll die to have one baby of my own, I swear.’ I was confident I wouldn’t have to keep such a promise, because, my friend won’t have a convincing answer to that. So, I waited, challenging.

‘ND, you can find an answer to that in my case itself. You saw me during my pregnancy time, did it look hellish experience to you? I was enjoying the whole time, getting pampered silly by my hubby dearest and the whole set of family and relatives. When I’d touch my womb those days, it used to be such a surreal yet powerful feeling, that God had chosen to gift me with such an incredible power of giving birth, of motherhood. That joy of being a mother ( that first time ), cannot be expressed in words, it can only be felt when one becomes a mother herself.’ Being a mother completes a woman's life.

I looked at my friend. She had a rare twinkle in her eyes as she recollected her pregnancy days. It’s true, I had seen her those days, and without a doubt, she was at her happiest and glowing self. Maybe, just because I hadn’t experienced it myself, I couldn’t really understand why or how a girl’s entire life changes, once she gets pregnant, yet she makes no complaints. Maybe, motherhood, is not really that bad an experience as I imagined it to be.

‘But but…’ my mind began prodding, ‘ what about the pain, especially the scars afterwards.’ I had to know about that, before I could completely shed my pregnancy related inhibitions.

‘Well, for that Bio Oil is the answer,’ my friend replied patiently. 'I had used the magical oil those pregnancy days especially after the delivery and not a scar remains. My husband could barely keep his hands off me even then. Its a must for all mums-to-be to remain #YummyMummy throughout pregnancy and afterwards. And know what, hubby and myself are planning another baby soon, and we can hardly wait to welcome the second one ~ our lovable little 'brat' as you call them.

Unbelievable, I thought, as I looked at my friend. She was beaming with happiness. Seeing her, I realized I was panicking about motherhood for no reason. Maybe, it was time to change my mind, and be a little 'normal' after all ;-)
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