Being a woman is not easy. I don't know about the rest of the world, although, I am aware of rampant prejudices against the female species in almost all countries, across all religions! I can though certainly say for sure that, in India, such prejudices, judgements etc have always existed and how.

Every moment in a women's life is judged ~ her looks, her manners, her behavior and over all just the very fact that, she is a woman – right from the very beginning. Remember the frown, that many relatives gasp when they come to know it’s a new-born girl-child esp in certain parts of northern India? Some go on to strangle it too, female foeticide as it is widely known. And believe it or not - most of the times such criticisms or gory acts are committed by the fellow women themselves. Yes, that's the sad truth. And what more shockingly some of them being their own family members! If only, they remembered for a second, that they are women too!

Needless to say, such women only encourage the patriarchy mind-set that exists in the society, which treats women as second class citizens. After all, a woman is the one who gives the first lessons to her child ( be it a boy or girl ), and has maximum impact on their upbringing. What is put in a child's mind at that age, stays forever and he/she views the world as such. To get a clearer picture, try catching some current news wherein there's an on-going struggle to let women inside some religious places, where their entries are banned. This happens in India, where women are worshipped as Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati etc. And women themselves are opposing other women's entry, imagine that! Irony huh!

Talking about my own experiences here, on being judged or criticised; I have faced criticisms too, if not at such obscene lengths, but faced nonetheless. I remember, how my entire teenage life was spent being judged by my elder sister. Phew, not exactly a pleasant situation to be in when your own sister mocks your appearance or you, as a whole, in front of her friends. Contrary to how I look or the way I currently am - outspoken and quite bold-in-your-face type; I remember in my school days I was exactly the opposite. I was thin, lanky and a big meek introvert. This use to make me the butt of my sister's jokes or taunts. She was the more popular one. She’d be embarrassed to be seen with me, and would point-blank refuse to take me along to her friend's birthday parties or outings. I used to think, I was the only one in this whole wide world who lived such a miserable life. My self-esteem would plunge deeper than the ocean’s depths.

As time passed though, I found more and more such instances that existed, in my friend-circle and beyond. Somehow, I became little less traumatized after that; and then, came a point where I didn't give a damn any more. I was content and proud the way I was. I loved the creativity that oozed out of me. And believe me, when you don’t let other’s crappy talks affect you however close they may be to you, you can truly say #IAmCapable ~ of doing anything. Nothing can stop you.
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  1. Nice one - true women are judged more critically ; but the example is that of another woman judging - your sister

  2. great writing dear it is truth that in spite of all kinds of advancement still woman has to suffer with all such problems,but what maters most is to not be effected with negative behavior ,stay calm positive and focused


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