‘I want a divorce. I don’t want to live any longer. Your uncle doesn’t love me anymore. What's the point of living in this world, then? I better die.’ This was my aunt. Ever since I’ve been visiting them these past two vacation-months of mine, she has been rattling these over-dramatic phrases non-stop, like a broken record. And every time she notices me paying attention to any of her war-cries, her dramatics increases even more. She beats her chest, huff and puffs, grumbling madly all across the room. And finally of course, tired, she goes back to her house-hold chores. Phew…because of her antics, every few minutes, the house resembles a mad-house. But there must surely be a real reason for all these theatrics, I wondered. I looked at my uncle for an answer.

My uncle generally hides behind his newspaper, the whole day; especially so, when his wife gets nagging. It has been thirty years into their marriage. Being a child-less couple, I’m the only one to witness this daily hoo-haa of theirs. I raise my eyebrows trying to catch my uncle’s attention, but he only hides further inside the pages. I wonder if he really reads it at all.

‘No, he doesn’t read the newspaper. It’s just a pretence,’ as though hearing my inner thoughts, my aunt speaks up, suddenly appearing in front of me. I barely get the time to answer when she speaks again. ‘You tell me ND. Is this fair? You are like our own child. Have you ever seen your uncle ever showing a slightest gesture of love towards me? No, right..?’ She doesn't let me finish, for she continues straight away. ‘No, of course you haven't! It has always been like this ND! No gifts, no hugs… no Valentines Day celebrations, never! Do I not deserve some love? Is this really fair ND, tell me? When the whole world celebrates lover's day on the 14th Feb, this aunty of yours have to sulk in her kitchen. Is this a life? Is it fair?' She asks again, pulling a mile-long face. 'I'm better off dead, hmmph!'

I get tongue-tied not knowing what to answer. I’m not really good at relationship counselling, that too for senior couples. No, it wasn't fair at all, I thought. But, what on earth should my response be? I’m sure there was love between them, only problem was, my uncle was too timid to show his feelings to my aunt. And with the latter being the dominant kind that she was, it made matters more difficult. After all, I did notice my uncle stealing glances at my aunt fondly, every now and then, whenever she wasn’t looking. But hold on... Suddenly, an idea came in my mind. Maybe, I had a solution afterall.

That day, when my aunt was taking her afternoon nap, I slowly crept inside where my uncle was – his study. ‘What uncle! Aunty is so depressed. Do something!’ I said. I knew, behind all that drama, there was indeed a little sadness too. ‘Make aunty happy, uncle!'

‘How beta, how?’ My uncle asked, a labored expression in his face. ‘I’ve been trying exactly that since last thirty years. She never gets satisfied.’ He looked helplessly at me.

‘Hmmm…’ I murmured, and then asked. ‘Do you gift her often?’
Uncle shook his head.
'Do you hug her often?’
Uncle shook his head again, feeling somewhat shy.
‘Have you ever had Valentines celebrations with her?’ But, before he could shake his head, I knew the answer. ‘Nevermind the past, uncle,’ I said. ‘Do all these this time, and see how happy aunty becomes.’

Seeing the surprised look in my uncle’s face, I said brightly. ‘And I just know how exactly to fill both your lives with #LoveAndlaughter, without any more ladai-jagda.’

My uncle was really curious by now. Getting the cue, I opened my tablet immediately, and went to the Caratlane website. ‘Here uncle, choose one of them and gift aunt. Make her day!’ I showed him the plethora of exquisite designs that the online jewellery site displayed, with attractive discounts too. 'This will really make her happy!' My uncle nodded too. His eyes were already twinkling.

Needless to say, Caratlane was soon to re-kindle their chemistry, and fill their lives with #LoveandLaughter. I knew, my aunt would be a much relaxed and happier person, once my uncle surprises her with these priceless beauties. Women, no matter what their age, simply cannot resist beautiful jewellery - Universal Truth! Gift her some and she won't nag anymore - rest assured ;-)
So, I got a solution to my relative's problems. What about you? How are you filling your and your loved one's lives with #LoveAndLaughter this Valentines?
#LoveAndLaughter moments with Caratlane
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