When I started my blog, it was just to jot down all my thoughts, experiences, and all things under the sun. It was like my mouth-piece. I used to write a diary long-long back, hence, it was an extension of sorts. However, gradually, as time passed and my blog became quite known, I started getting questions like - 'What niche is it?' These questions came from not just other bloggers, but Brands/PRs too. In the beginning, I used to say casually, 'I write everything under the sun.' I guess, that shocked the hell out of them. I don't understand why its so surprising. I love writing multi-topics; at least the ones I am comfortable about, and have enough knowledge of.

But when questions started, during campaign-discussions over phone, I started feeling weird saying that I write everything. As the tone in the other end would get awkward, although, personally, I still don't see anything wrong in writing whatever topics you want.

In many forums, I saw advises given to newbies - to concentrate and write on only one niche, and update it regularly. I was like, what the hell, I'll write whatever I want in my blog. So, one can see my blog is quite a mixed category. However, I refined my response, when questions on my niche came time and again. I looked at both my blogs and counted my posts. I checked which categories I wrote the most and thus decided to 'niche' them, hehe. They still remain multi-topics, just that I'm avoiding using the term 'I write everything under the sun', which makes people not take me seriously :o That's the reality, which is sad, because every topic I write - I enjoy, so, I write sincerely.

Anyways, as I calculated, in my this particular blog I've written creative posts the most ( fiction, poems etc ), besides brands/contest posts. On my other blog, I've written on travel, food+book+product reviews ( lifestyle related ). Thus, my answer is nowadays, for one blog - 'Creative and Product Review niche', and the other is 'Travel & Lifestyle, plus Reviews niche'. Funny, I have to be so careful wording it, when actually I want to scream and yell ~ 'I write everything under the sun, so what!' phrase so much. LOL.

I do agree, that maybe following one category is nice and looks serious; but hey, please don't take others, who write multiple-genre topics as not-serious. For me, both my blogs are important, as I spend a good amount of time creating content. And seriously, I think, those who can cover multiple topics consistently ~ are simply brilliant, what say ;-)

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