First of all, I don't consider myself as a social media infuencer at all. I AM NOT ONE! In my twitter, in almost five years, I've barely managed around 2k posts and have around 580+ odd followers ( Psst..I do have another account with over 1k followers, but that's only for my blog ); in my pinterest, the number goes down to 2 posts with barely 63 followers. And I'm truly ashamed of my instagram, with around 22 posts and 1 follower. My facebook and G+ fares better than these, with 4 facebook (2)profile/(2)page having collectively over 10+k friends/followers, and G+ with 946+. However, these last ones are where I barely post anything. I also have few blogs - nandinispeaks ( this blog ) and nandinireviews. Go and see the visitor statistics in both, to get an idea about it.

So, by now, you get an idea that my social media 'klout' is bit of a worry, so how on earth am I equipped to give any advice on it, eh? What I am going to write is purely out of my observations, these past years. While I've been on the lazier side, I've seen many others springing much ahead of me; who by the way, had started much later than me :| So, how did they reach where they are? I have my own demons to deal with, so I may not reach their level in this life-time; but, if you are trying to reach their position as a 'social media infuencer', then, I could gladly part with some FREE advice. Yes, free - but of course, you can follow my very very neglected and love-seeking social media handles, as a sign of gratitude for that :-) [ You'll need the following tricks if you are not a celebrity already. ]

1. Take part in obscene amount of twitter/facebook contests. There are plenty of those! Dedicate sometime to them daily, religiously. Here, your intention is not just to win contests, but gain followers.

2. Hashtags and retweets are the main mantras. See the trending hashtag topics, and start either tweeting or retweeting, using them. Many Pro Influencers have totally gamed these two methods; mainly the former, and combining the 2nd with the first.

3. Engaging and networking works. Social media is all about communication. Praise, and butter too, if you must. I've seen it happen with my own eyes, and works. Don't stop the communication.

4. Follow back. Everyone that follows you, follow right back! Don't mind if they unfollow. If you keep communication with them, they won't unfollow. Follow on your own too, some will indeed follow you back.

5. Get all your friends, family, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to follow/like you. Being in close proximity, they are naturally the easiest preys to be blackmailed into following all your accounts. They are the best options to get votes/retweets too especially, in those contests where engagement is the main criteria.

6. And of course, don't forget to post unique, interesting and useful content yourself too, and regularly! Some people have over lakh tweets in a span of a year itself, imagine that! Of course, those include contest tweets/brand spams and insane number of retweets as well.

7. Do a giveaway. If you have any stuff lying about unused and useless in your home, why not make a giveaway of it? In the giveaway rules, just make it mandatory for every participant to follow/tag/like/share/comment in all your social media handles.

8. When you go for any meet, carry a huge stack of visiting cards, where each of your social media handles are imprinted. Shove it at whoever is friendly to you; get theirs too, and make sure you tell them you'll be following them ( and do as well ), you'll definitely get more followers.

9. Don't get frustrated if things don't happen overnight. Following the above pointers patiently, will surely ensure success in the end.

10. Last but not the least, ( if nothing works ) buy them! Yes, its possible to buy followers, although, its a risky proposition ~ cos' you might either end up with bots or followers from Uzbekistan or some equally odd place, when your target may be something else.

11. A masterstroke secret - Some known infuencers have done this, right in beginning ( or maybe still do ), when they first started i.e make a couple of extra 'dummy' accounts and follow/retweet/like whatever shit 'engage' its called ~ to give an impression that its a busy account. People may get curious and start following. This tactic is also handy if you want to win contests where max votes/likes are required, or even to appear on the top in any trending hashtag where maximum likes/retweets are required. And, when your profile appears on top, you naturally get more followers ;-)

PS : Will add more if I come across them. Meanwhile, feel free to give your own valuable insights on the topic, if you have any. Happy Infuencing :-)

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