It was thoughtless of my master to throw me away so unceremoniously. Don’t I have any feelings to be just used and thrown, at will?

As I am getting old, he just gets someone young and new to replace me. How I’ve been hurt, as I sat uptight, watching my master use the younger one lovingly; and then, all of a sudden threw me in the trash-can.

But this is not done. I won’t let this happen to me. I’ll have my revenge and make my master all woozy and helpless.

Cos’, he doesn’t know, whom he has scorned; the haunted mouse!

This 5 sentence 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © Marie Gail Stratford )
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  1. Beware the mouse - i am certain he will have his revenge..a fun and engaging story...

  2. Good for the mouse! Rejection stinks! Especially being thrown away for a younger model.

  3. Wow.. An awesome Story..

  4. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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