Since the time we were young, we all have had our parents, teachers and other elders who advised us on one thing or the other. They would have our best interest in their hearts, and spoke from experience; because, they too had treaded the same path once, the one, which we are on today. Hence, they know better and more often than not, their advises are indeed #SachchiAdvice! We must consider ourselves lucky, that we have our elders to care and guide us. They know better, what is wrong or right; which path to take and which to avoid.

I’ve been always been stubborn as a kid and have discarded many of such advises meant for my own good, several times; only to regret, that they were right after all. But what is more disconcerting, is the voice too, that I kept hearing in my mind, all this while. That voice, most of the time would agree, that these wisdom of elders were Sachchi advice, and that I should follow them. It would remind me, prod me, nudge me and even bug me too non-stop. But I would simply ignore it. I would do the exact opposite only to realize in the end, that this voice was right after all. This voice is that of my 'conscience'. Everyone has it and it’s our best guide too. Whenever we start to do something, don’t we at times, get a certain hesitation or warning-sign that it might be a wrong step? It’s the voice of our conscience that's at work. It has happened to me many times and frankly speaking, I feel our conscience is directly connected to the one high-above. Our conscience, will always tell us when we are wrong. It gives enough signs and warnings, for us to heed.


My mother once told me, when I was in my usual stubborn self – “Okay, don’t listen to us; but, always listen to your own conscience. It’ll guide you best.” It was the best #SachchiAdvice I ever got. Because, our conscience never fails us, even while others can. Take note of the warning signals sent by our conscience, it’ll keep you on right track always. And these days, my conscience is what I aim to follow. It keeps me in check.
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