In the dark she slept; away from all hustle-bustle
and in the quiet,
Cushioned in nature’s bosom, cozy and all alone,
None of the city’s dazzles once addicted,
mattered to her anymore.
She loved the wild, a rebel defiant,
It took guts to live her dreams, being finally self-reliant.
Wants were few, in the wilderness new,
Such a respite it was, from the claustrophobic city life.
In the garden green, was her enormous bed,
Pillow the leaves, where she lay her head,
The moon above, gently peeking through those tall trees,
Assured her, she was away from all civilization’s filth.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers & magpietales 281 - ( Image Copyright – © Madison Woods )
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Lovely poem. Need to come back often to read it again and again.

  2. How we all must have that yearning for the pure, clean air and environment free from the dirty decadent city. Well penned.

  3. A beautiful poem - so lovely.

  4. well written and love it. Thanks for sharing

  5. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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