I’m a home-body and it’s no secret. The amount of writing that I do will give a clear indication of how much time I spend at home. And it’s been always like that, for as long as I can remember. When I was in my native town, in school-days, I’d just perch up in a cozy corner of my home and let my imagination run riot with new ideas and whatever I fancied, which, I’d then carefully pen down in pages and pages of white sheet. It was my world and I loved it. Those scribblings would become my most precious possessions in the form of stories and poems, which till date I’ve preserved with out-most care. The whole atmosphere in our house was such that I’d just not want to go out and waste my time frivolously. I loved those creative pursuits instead. Of course, I was into sports and stuff, but after that done, I’d run back to the comfort of my home. Good thing about native home was, my parents were around and all things were taken care of – be it kitchen, house-hold stuff or even getting the home re-done every few years, and life was too good.

My moving permanently to Bombay however, changed a lot of things. I was completely on my own now. And naturally, I had to do everything myself. For someone grown up in an utterly-pampered environment, this was a rude shock. Ah…I loved the independence and the freedom of it all; but the responsibilities that came along was too overwhelming for a pampered soul like me :| And though I lived in my own-bought house, I just didn’t have the time or inclination to look after it properly, much less, do makeover of any sorts. I was just content with the sweeping and mopping that I managed to do, after sweating out the whole day. So, it looks and feels exactly the same, as it did nearly a decade ago ( when I first bought it ) – old, dull, boring. The paint has peeled off the walls in many parts, and the furniture is in a sad state. Last year, I had to throw some of it away due to termite-attack on them. I’ve been planning for long to set things straight and stop neglecting, but I freak out at the very thought of it – the daunting task that it is to do a complete make-over. Moreover, if I do things on my own, I don’t think it’ll look as pretty as I dream it to be. Oh yes, when I see websites/magazines full of colourful, elegant and vibrant interiors of various enviable homes, I can't help but dream and wish – “kash mere bhi ghar yeisa ho.

My Dream home...

Infact, last year when I was at the Godrej Interio showroom at Vikhroli, my eyes nearly popped out in amazement. The place had all types of interior set-ups ranging from budget to luxury, and I couldn’t help but be in awe of it all. I hoped fervently inside, Godrej will come to my rescue and do the necessary make-over. Well, thus, I write this post. My little home needs you Godrej Interio desperately.
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( Images - GI ) Godrej Interio has a cool way to get your den customized by professional designers. Do you have an idea of a perfect room? If yes, then we have the professionals who are all set to make it a reality.
Winning post of Godrej #HomeCanvas contest in association with BA
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