Airtel 4G
The clock was about to strike 3pm. I looked nervously at it; just a few minutes were left. Will I get deceived again or will I make it through? A bead of sweat streamed down the sides of my forehead. I was nervous as hell and sweating too, omg! It was the monsoon season and not that hot a weather, with the constant rains keeping the temperature somewhat cool and pleasant, but still, I was sweating profusely now.
I took a gulp or two from the glass of water that I shakily held in my hands and looked at the watch again. The deadline was getting nearer and nearer. I had typed out my post in a hurry and waited patiently like I always did, before every submission. There were 300 vouchers and I just had to grab one, from the horde of other participants who were aiming for just that. The competition was getting tougher by the minute. Even increasing the vouchers didn’t guarantee you one, as there’d be double the participants. And timing was everything here. Everything got over within the first few seconds itself. Every millisecond ( or whatever is lesser ) counted.

I put the glass aside and readied everything once again. Proof-read done, all deliverables done, the submit page opened in 5 different tabs ~ just in case any of them failed, as it usually did :| I refreshed them one by one to check if I could get my entry in somehow, before others. Oh..man, the suspense and tension of it all could give anyone a heart-attack. It was like my life was hanging by a tiny thread – a thread, that was purely all luck and ~ net connection.

Yes, you heard it right. Infact, net connection itself was the only ‘luck’ factor in my favourite HH, which I always participated in so enthusiastically. But my net being tricky, I had to face a whole lot of disappointments. My net would get stuck ( when I needed it most ) and those with faster net connection would get through, leaving me all heart-broken, with the hard-work gone to waste. Another look at my watch said 3pm was just about to happen. Will my net save me this time? It had failed me earlier. I just wanted one of those vouchers dammit, who doesn’t, lol! Would my net help grab one or deceive me, yet again? I needed speed – I craved it. Speed was everything these days. Not just during HH’s, that needed the break-neck speed, but speed while downloading movies or viewing live streams too. Ah…exactly the kinda speed A4G is promising. When I read about A4G first, I realized its time to chuck out that old net connection of mine for good – yes, the one that has failed me again and again.

This was one last try however. I know its like a gamble. I may almost not make it, going by past experiences. But atleast now, I know, that this time if I fail ( which I’m sure I'd ), I have an option of A4G – A, being the first of telecom operators who have rolled out 4G services in a nationwide rollout, covering a whopping 296 cities and that too at 3G prices. So, this time if I fail, A, I’m coming right to you. I’m so relieved and re-assured that getting a 4G SIM ( home-delivered for FREE ) is just a tweet away - #Get4G. I look again at my watch – just a few seconds left. Tick Tock Tick Tock! The do or die moment. This would be my last HH with my pathetic net connction, I swear, cos' if I fail I’ll surely have A4G to run to the next time. And finally its 3pm.......!!


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