The month was April. The whole world watched at their television sets without blinking their eyes. The mountains had sent tremors that reached far and wide, turning life upside down in many parts. I too watch in awe, at the might of the Himalayas. I lived far away and it didn’t affect me physically. But mentally it did. It had been my long cherished dream to go up the Himalayas, but some or the other excuse always came up, postponing all my plans. However, this incident that created havoc everywhere seemed to beacon at me. It was calling out to me. And I couldn't resist. Such was the urge that within the next month itself, I found myself planning a trip. It was as though some external forces were totally in control of me and directing me towards it ~ the Himalayas. I just had to go there...

Within moments of making my up mind, I had my tickets in my hand and an elaborate itinerary mapped out as well. I was making a Solo Trip. Not many girls would get that travel-urge now, would they? And certainly not alone, that too in a mountainous terrain that can anytime get tricky and treacherous. But my mind was made up. Come hell’th or shine, it was the Himalayas to be.
Immediately before the trip, I also got to my favourite site to buy me a pair of good trekking shoes. My first steps into the Himalayas definitely needed an awesome one. My Quechua Forclaz Black Hiking & Trekking shoes is something to really envy, folks. The stylish shoes are just perfect for the mountains. Talking of Shoes, I came across some good ones from Puma too, suggested by another Blogger in her wishlist, but that's for another time perhaps ;-) So, with my shoes done, I got on to other things – safety and survival equipment, rain-proof gear etc.


All from flipkart! Yes, Flipkart was fulfilling my every wish with a mere click of a button, and suggesting too what else I might need. Their Travel Store got me all my things and I was all set. No sooner, I found myself in the mountains as well. God bless a 'determined' mind like mine :-)
While travelling though I started missing something terribly. I have a backpack, bought long ago, and during my trek-gear shopping earlier, I had thought there was no need to buy one as I was carrying that as well as another bag. But up in the mountains, I found it bit tedious to carry two bags. I so wished I had bought a Rucksack too, because they are larger than backpacks and can carry pretty much everything in it – be it tent, sleeping bags, clothes, utensils, shoes and other miscellany required in trekking trips. These rucksacks have padded shoulder-straps as well as a waist strap, thus, one do not feel the weight much and is very comfortable to carry around and is organized too.


Though my trip was pleasant and I had a ballistic time up in the hills, this little ignorance on my part played a bit spoil sport. However, being the travel freak that I am, I’m not done with the mountains yet. Yes, I’ll definitely go up there again and very soon too. However, this time I’ll buy me a good rucksack, preferably the President Hulk Camouflaged one ( see pic above ), to be one with all the greenery and wilderness there. If you are into travel or know anyone who loves trekking, this product can be a great gift as well ~ to yourself as well as the other; like I’m gifting myself one! Go for a 70 ltrs capacity, if going longer duration trips and a 50 Ltrs will suffice for shorter duration. Stay safe and enjoy the mountains :-)

Somewhere in the wilderness of the gigantic and overwhelming Himalayas!

Posted by Nandini Deka on Friday, July 10, 2015

This post is part of #AbHarWishHogiPoori ( Images - Flipkart )
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