The skin is the largest organ of our body. Yet, many us take it for granted. But we still want to look pretty, don’t we? We do many things on the skin in order to beautify it, but nothing really that is actually helpful for the skin. Some load it with tones of powder, snow and makeup – foundation and other cosmetics, not to mention all that lipstick ( on lips ) and kajal/mascaras/eye-shadows ( in eyes ), but we forget all those makeup & glitter hardly nourishes, protects or takes care of our skin. They just hide our flaws temporarily but ends up doing more damages in the long run. I stay miles away from any sort of makeup ( except kohl ) – that being my first step towards a healthy skin, but I’ve noticed merely staying away from it is not enough. I need to do much more.

Our skin, especially the exposed part – i.e face or hands/feet, goes through all kinds of abuse the whole day ~ in the name of pollution, heat, dust, harmful sun-rays, wind, humidity, sweat and what not. It needs the maximum protection, else it’ll end up being rough, dull, not to mention face the wrath of those annoying and embarrassing pimples ( on the face ), those ugly black heads popping up or even more scarier - ending up with an oily skin that's sure to bring with it more troubles. Like we take care of our health by going to gym - working out, our skin needs a work-out too albeit a different kind, to keep it soft, smooth and radiant. We should apply the same thoughtful care for our skin, like we do for our body. Read below for my solutions.


My natural and simple skin care tips for a healthy skin would be :–

  • Follow a healthy diet routine. Because, what we eat indeed show on our skin. It really affects the way how our skin looks. Avoid oily food, include fresh fruits & raw vegetables in your diet; avoid artificial beverages, drink coconut water instead.

  • In our busy and hectic life, there are many health supplements we get that are filled with the goodness of vitamins and minerals which provide the necessary nutrients required. But in these, try using the products that are natural or herbal only. Like a spoonful of ayurvedic Chawanprash daily.

  • Drink loads of water or atleast 3-4 litres daily. Water is the best way to get all the toxins out of our body and naturally cleanse it. And with few drops of lemon and honey added in, that glass of warm water becomes 'magic' to the skin if drank early morning, before anything else. Also one can make Detox Water right at home and drink everyday for a clear, hydrated beautiful skin.

  • Wash your face often. It’s the most natural way to moisturize your skin. Ah..not with hard water though. Make sure the water is not contaminated and is clean & pure. Use a facewash that is compatible to the skin. Don’t just try anything and everything available in the market. Our skin can be very sensitive to certain ingredients used in them.

  • Avoid using artificial/synthetic products. Instead use natural mixes like papaya+milk, honey+lemon, honey+yogurt+rosewater, besan+haldhi+milk, cucumber+coconutoil that are some age-old home made remedies passed down through generations, that I've observed give good results on the skin – the original Daadi-Maa-Ke-Nuske. Try them, or better still use the new Vicco that uses goodness of Turmeric – their famous advt itself ( that I grew up watching ) must be as old as daadi-maa-ke-nuske for the present generation.

  • Turmeric has been said to be extremely beneficial to the skin as an effective medicine. It is like the ultimate-skin weapon that fights bacteria/germs/microbes, thus, preventing appearance of pimples and also cures blackheads. Moreover, it is said to be extremely effective in preventing and curing skin infections, rashes and allergies; it heals wounds fast too. And if you get the goodness of Turmeric and Ayurveda in your facewash in the form of Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base, I’d say – go for it, like I am :-)


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    Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regimes. An Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of skin as opposed to a harmful cosmetic ones. Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.
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