“Dance and you?” They’d giggle looking at her, as though she had spoken alien, followed by more nasty gossip behind her back as they’d walk away from her all hush-hush. They all avoided her. Nobody liked talking to her. She was fat and ugly. Being seen with her would be the worst scandal in the entire campus. “When she walks, earthquake happens," someone said in an OMG tone, "Imagine, what will happen if she dances?” “The stage will collapse,” another one whispered, followed by everyone laughing out loud. “Some people need to have a long hard look at themselves in the mirror - a reality check!” A haughty tone spoke followed by a - “Yikes, just see her size; her shape is like that of the map of Australia and her looks. OMG..She is so damn ugly. Yucks!” “Why is she even in this school, this is no place for her.” And as usual the gossip took an even more nastier turn.

Mumpy looked on at the students from far. She knew she was being discussed about again. It wasn’t new. It happened almost always, whenever she showed any eagerness to participate in any of the school’s cultural activities. Weird glances would instantly dart in her way, eye-brows raised, noses twitched. Everyone frowned at the sight of her as though she had committed the biggest crime on earth, by being fat or the way she looked. How could she, would be everyone’s attitude. With tears threatening to flow down from her moist eyes, Mumpy crumpled the audition form she had eagerly filled and threw it in the nearest bin. She collected her bag and headed straight to the remotest corner she always went to dwell in her miseries. It was a place nobody went except her. The ideal place to let it all flow ~ her emotions and cry her heart out. At least over there the nasty behavior of her classmates never reached.

The familiar stink of the garbage, made her realize she had reached her favourite spot. Well, she didn’t exactly like it here, but it had become her refuge ~ an exclusive zone of hers, of sorts, from all the spite or scorn she regularly faced. Nobody disturbed her here. Over here, she was the Queen. She placed the bag in the ground and took out her headphones. She also took out the poster of Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun ( her favourite Rock-Stars ), that she stole from near the audition-room wall, where she had gone to submit the application form.


Of late, the whole school was in a state of frenzy – in preparation for the up-coming Annual Prom Night. A big show was coming up, staring her favourite stars and only a few lucky ones would be chosen to perform with them on stage. Oh..how she wanted to be part of it. She was dreaming day and night to dance with Allu, nurturing a secret crush on him as well. Well..that was not to be. The rude folks in her school just would not let her fulfill her dreams.

With a sigh, Mumpy placed the headphone plug into her music player, tuning in to her favourite number, by Anushka – Dance Basanti. Well..Screw the world, Mumpy thought; screw those selfish schoolmates. They could not stop her from dancing, atleast not here - the garbage dumping ground. Here, she ruled!

As soon as she switched on the music, she immediately got into the groove. Anushka’s sexy voice crooned the sound waves and the vision of Allu dancing, flashed before her eyes. Oh...How she adored his moves. She imagined him dancing right next to her and the ground got electrified. She was all charged up now - the music had that effect on her. She had seen her idols many times in their performance, on television. When @alluarjun moves met @IAmAnushka voice - her world rocked, and how! She knew their every move, even better than some of those so-called stylish-elite of her schoolmates. Well, they didn't matter anymore; not here! She didn't care about them or anyone. All inhibitions cast aside, Mumpy began gyrating her body, slowly at first and then as the tempo rose, she forgot where she was. She danced, humming the tunes aloud alongside Anushka, crooning in the background. The music made her forget all the hurt; all insult. It made her forget where she was and even the stink around. Music added freshness into her life, even in that garbage dump. And she danced and she danced...

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( Images Credit - indiatimes, Allu Arjun FB Page & dancewithfat.wordpress )
Freshness is the fuel of life, something that we all crave. Everyone’s way of bringing this freshness might be different. When it comes to dance, there’s no one better than Allu Arjun, and Anushka Manchanda accompanying the performance with her vocals would take it to another league altogether - blasting freshness all around.
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