photo by Bert Stern

O' Mankind, where to all you race,
Death is all in the end, that awaits,
What's with the name and fame you crave,
Will you take them to your grave?
The people who praise you too
shall die one day,
So, what's the use chasing it

Flip through all history pages,
They too walked, where we walk today,
And when we are gone, there'll be others,
Like us, they too will race others.
Trying to reach the goal everyday they dream,
But, death is only what they'll get for real.
Be it Cleopatra, Richard Burton or Taylor Elizabeth,
Tell me, who's come back from their grave?

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  1. Quite right Nandini , was it Jim Morrison that said " this is life , nobody gets out alive !"

  2. The only thing in the world that's certain is death!

  3. SMoking is injurious to health and causes death

  4. Profound thoughts. Beautifully written.

  5. thanks everyone :-)


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