My relationship with my father has been always quite strange. We always seemed to be at loggerheads with each other. He was a simple village man who came to the city, studied under street lamps and been a successful self-made man. Whereas, I've been born in the city itself and never had really seen the hardships he had seen - so a spoilt brat would be the perfect definition for me. His coming from the village meant, he had all those traditional thinking and values in him. Whereas, I was a city-bred gal, who loved independence and was more into liberal thinking. So, two different worlds collided almost everyday at our home, which led to arguements and disagreements. Some times he won, sometimes I. He tried his best to instill strictly the traditional upbringings in me. However, there perhaps he failed a bit though. Because, the more he restricted, more I rebelled and ultimately had my way. Sometimes, I ponder and think if he was right all along. Because, I hardly see any of those traditional qualities in me as one would perhaps see in other girls. Whatever it was, I know he said for my best. But my sense of independence was extreme and finally I made a decision to actually leave home and live really independent. Though, it was unthinkable for my family and we got into the most emotionally volatile of situations. My father ( and also my mother ) ultimately did accept my decision albeit hesitantly. Its been years now and we are at peace, though we live apart. In all these I realized, I never really gifted my father anything. I always demanded this or that in the past. How nice it'd be to surprise him and gift something for a change. Now to gift, one doesn't really need an occasion do they, but Jabong came at the apt time with their #FathersDay #DandyDad contest. So I thought, why not just take this opportunity and gift my father one big surprise. This will indeed be a big surprise, cos' I'm sure he'll never be expecting this even in his wildest dreams. Hell...even I myself never expected to do this until I came across this wonderful contest by Jabong.com.


Since his retirement, my father has been spending considerable about of time outdoors. He loves watching the stars and camping out during any celestial occasions; so I'd like to gift him something on those lines. And here they are....

My first pick will be this Multi Casual Shirt ( on left ) from Wills Lifestyle, priced at 1300INR/- Made of linen material, full sleeved and with collar, it can be worn both outdoors as well as on casual occasions. It looks good and is comfortable too.
My second pick will be this Blue Slim Fit pair of jeans ( on right ) from Jack & Jones, priced at 3495INR/- Made of denim material, they are comfortable and stretchable too, and can be worn both outdoors as well as on casual occasions. Moreover, I've always seen my father only in formal trousers, jeans will be a welcome change. What do ya think?

My third pick will be this Camel Outdoor Shoes ( on left ) from Action, priced at 1299INR/- Made of Suede Leather, the sole of this pair is crafted using Polyurethane. They are flexible and hard wearing too, which makes them ideal for outdoor & hiking. Don't they look dapper?
My fourth pick will be this Olive Casual Jacket ( on right ) from Fort Collins, priced at 2350INR/- Made of cotton, sleeveless, it uplifts one's overall look. It also has a hood. A jacket is always a good piece of clothing to own ~ that can be handy anytime, as it can be styled with just about anything and keeps warm too.

My fifth pick will be this Brown Aviator ( on left ) from MTV, priced at 699INR/- Lightweight and sturdy because of the metallic frame, they are unisex and can be for both formal meet or a casual outing. Courtesy the UV-protected lenses, these full-rim sunglasses also offer shielding from harmful sun-rays. As my father spends most of his time outdoors, they are just perfect.
My sixth pick will be this Black Duffle Bag ( on right ) from Swiss Design, priced at 2499INR/- My father has quite a few gadgets that he carries around - camera, binoculars, mini detachable telescope and a tablet along with his overnight clothes and water bottle. I think this bag from Swiss Design will be his true travel companion for his overnight trips. He will certainly love it. Made of nylon, it is durable, light weight and waterproof with 4 extra pockets.

My seventh pick will be this 100 ml Eau de Toilette bottle ( on left ) from Carolina Herrera, priced at 3541INR/- With a fresh base of aqua musk, the fragrance is a woody and floral fragrance, as it uses a soft blend of notes such as grapefruit, ginger, mandarin and green leaves. Perfect to stay fresh and vibrant 24x7 especially when outside it can be hot and sweaty. Best place to dab it on are the heat emmitting pulse-points, such as the inner wrists, base of the throat near the collar bone, behind ear lobes, inner elbows, cleavage, and behind the knees immediately after bathing.
My eight pick will be this Silver/Grey Digital Watch ( on right ) from Casio, priced at 945INR/- Well, my father will certainly need a watch to keep track of his time - be it various bus/train timings or the celestial sightings. This watch is simple and a perfect blend of latest technology. The design is spectacular and made of high quality alloy. It suits both casual as well as formal outfits. And what more, it is water resistant too!

Well...well..it seems on my shopping spree at Jabong's, in order to gift my father, I've entirely changed his whole wardrobe. It'll be really nice to see him in something I've never seen him in. Wow..thanks Jabong for the indulgence :-)
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( Images - Jabong )
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