When he said it was all over, I simply froze. I couldn’t believe my ears that all those promises to live together till eternity were simply brushed off with one cruel stroke; erasing our relation, erasing the time spent with one another, erasing everything. How easy it was for him to just call it off and move out of something that meant the whole world to me. I hoped against hope that I heard it wrong – that it was just a dream and I’d wake up any moment now. I stood stand-still, unable to move – maybe it was a dream after all. A sleep paralysis? Or maybe a nightmare perhaps. Only thing was ~ it was broad daylight. I could see rest of the world going by from the corner of my eyes, while my eyes listlessly looked into his; still yearning, still hopeful that he’d just smile and relax my nerves, calm my soul and reassure me that he’d never leave my side. If only!

His cold eyes bore deep into mine for a while, before he suddenly turned and walked away. He was going away. It was very real. I could feel a piercing pain in my heart and a lump in my throat; my voice, caught in a tangle of emotions that just wouldn’t let it go past my lips, to call out to him ~ to stop. I could only watch mutely as his silhouette faded into the horizon of the setting sun. It was late already. How time flew. Thousand thoughts ran in my mind, even though I was still; numb and unable to move an inch, from the spot he had left me, to face the world alone. How will I survive? I never imagined a life without him. Didn’t he care at all? Oh, why was I still hoping he’d come back. Why, oh why! I couldn’t handle the thoughts anymore. My head felt heavy, it was in pain – a throbbing pain that threatened to burst my brains apart into thousand pieces. But I was unable to chase the thoughts away. They just came…nagging, mocking, sneering, and even sympathizing – it was an unending cycle; repeating over and over. I tried to place my hands in my ears, I didn’t want to hear those disturbing thoughts that were growing louder and louder, by the minute, a deafening cacophony.

In the midst of it all, I heard a soft strain of melody. It had wafted through some alley, behind where I was standing. As though hypnotized, I slowly lifted my feet and moved. Yes, the music had broken the frozen state I was in. It was inviting, drawing me near. It called out to me and I started walking. I walked and walked, towards it. It was slowly calming my mind, by distracting me from the sad state I was in, moments ago – a total mess. As I got closer, the music grew louder. It had a rhythm that instantly lifted my spirits re-energizing. Just a while ago, my entire world had collapsed, yet, slowly the music was helping me get back to normalcy. It was as though telling me, so what if he wasn’t with me anymore, I still had my life, my close ones who really cared – and maybe, this was for the best afterall. I can still celebrate what I have rather than cry for what I've lost. Those who leave had never loved anyways. So, why on earth should I care?

The music was infusing me with positive thoughts, dragging me out of the gloom, that with every step I took, I had renewed vigour and a bounce. The music was now so loud, that even these thoughts were hard to keep up with, but one thing was certain – I was out of my depression. As the music got more catchy, I couldn’t stop myself and started shaking my body adrenaline pumped. Who cared if anyone was watching. I was slowly getting liberated. The music was liberating, the beats had my heart pounding – but this time, looking forward positively to what life had in store for me next. It was like opening a precious gift-wrapped present. I was sure God had planned something even better. I faintly remembered the tunes, it was familiar – wasn’t it that famous track of Anushka Manchanda's? O’boy yes, no wonder I’ve been so pepped up ever since I heard it. Good music always does this to me.
“Cut sound,” I heard someone say. The music stopped. I heard footsteps approaching. I looked around to see who they belonged to. “There she is,” someone exclaimed. A full mob then, suddenly ran towards me with someone in bright colours, in their midst. They were all coming towards me and stopped right in front. And then I spotted them. Anushka herself…OMG and Allu Arjun!

“Hey baby, we’ve been watching you,” Anushka spoke, “forget everything. Life is beautiful. Join us!” She winked and then the music started again – this time it was explosive. Anushka and Allu got into the groove and I couldn’t resist myself. Throwing my heels in the air, I ran and joined them. Anushka’s voice and Allu’s moves had me enthralled. With no hesitancy, I started to dance. Yes, danced for real. Music had healed me it resurrected my broken soul.

that day...
I danced away my pain
I danced away my heartbreak
I danced and kicked that jerk away.
I danced and welcomed a fresh new life my way

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( Images - ) | Freshness is the fuel of life, something that we all crave. It is the one factor that keeps us going! Everyone’s way of bringing this freshness might be different, but the one thing that majority of people will agree with is that there is nothing better than some dance and music to jazz up your life. Be it unwinding with some music at the end of the day or venting energy in a club by busting some moves, dance and music make us shed our proverbial skin and renew our vigour for life. When it comes to dance, there’s no one better than Allu Arjun, and Anushka Manchanda accompanying the performance with her vocals would take it to another league altogether.
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