When we work hard, with full efforts and very Dil-Se, we are sure to achieve success. That's what we are taught; that's what we believe in and that's what been going on since long, isn't it? But what if the opposite holds true? Well...when I browsed through some videos recently, featuring Kapil Dev, that's what I got the gist of.

In the first video of the campaign, Kapil Dev explains to us the hidden meaning of the cricketing term ‘Hit-Wicket’, which essentially means Axing your own feet ( apne pau pe kulhari marna ), and if we play the new game ‘#EkNayiLeaguethat is coming soon with total honesty, dedication, full efforts and very Dil -Se ( i.e from the heart ), our Hit Wicket is fixed. In another video, he talks about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's retirement announcement. Kapil praises him, and complimented how Dhoni had built his team very ‘Dil-Se’ over the years and even recalled when once he had met Dev Anand long ago and spoke about his own retirement, the latter had said, never think of retirement; because stars do not retire! So, like Dhoni had achieved success with his team, because he played Dil-Se in all these years, he however, may not achieve the same success if he played with same dedicated Dil-Se attitude in the 'ek nayi league’ game; his hit-wicket is would be guaranteed then, Kapil says. Because it is a very different type of league....ekdum alag!

In another video, Kapil speaks on Sania Mirza who has reached almost the top 20 position in world ( in women’s category of Tennis ), inspite of being from a country where hardly 300 girls play the game and it’s been an issue Kapil has fought and argued with whoever criticized her. She achieved that position for playing very Dil-Se throughout her career, but in this new game such Dil-Se effort may get her a Googly instead. He speaks in yet another video, how these days Indian players ( be it a boy or girl ) makes good enough money, and it makes him so happy, whereas, in his time they never made any money though was proud to play for the country. He cited the example of Yuvraj Singh who bagged a whopping 16 crores amount in IPL contract ( the way money should be made ), that too after overcoming his illness on his way to recovery and has since played with such dedication and very Dil–Se for his team! But be it Dhoni, Yuvraj or Sehwag, the new league Kapil is bringing is not to be played such, as they could get a hit-wicket instead.
Kapil Dev has even cautioned 'Bittu' Kapil Sharma, as he is also often called, that its nice he invited such famous personalities in his show, and in between perplexed them too with a twist or a googly, but if he himself played the game Dil–Se, as he was so often advised by his own mother, it might get him a Googly too this time around, instead ~ in the Ek Nayi League!

From what I could gather, watching all these videos, is that – the game is set to be a very exciting one ~ nail-biting kinda thrill; maybe the ultimate game of fate! It will have some really famous celebrities too, mainly from the Sports Arena ( maybe some of the names mentioned ;-). It is likely to be a sports based game ( although not necessarily, though has high probability ) - a quiz show perhaps where lots of guesswork will need to be done - ( like all the guesswork we had to do to find what its all about ); or perhaps the sport will be of another level altogether. It’ll have lots of money involved ( prize money or maybe huge jackpots etc ), but obviously! And the game will need lots and lots of BRAIN to play and not just the heart; it'll need AN ALERT MIND; cunningness, shrewdness and a perhaps little naughtiness too to be played – else, everyone will land with a Googly ( i.e sent back to the pavillion ). Survival of the fittest type – only those who can get 'smart' using their brain, will last till the end. But one just cannot afford to play it Dil–Se at any cost! I feel it is going to be very interesting. It has already set my curious albeit very detective-mind buzzing with all sorts of possibilities. Looking so forward to #EkNayiLeague – a very hattke league indeed from the looks of it :-)
Psst...a little birdie tells me it might involve stocks & investments too...any guesses?


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  1. Bingo..and you got it absolutely right!!! It is the Indian traders league!


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