As I was casually looking around my house today, my eyes fell on my old sofa. It made me feel bit guilty. It sat there in one corner; lonely and neglected. It had seen better and happier days. My eyes glanced at my side-table and it nearly gave me a stroke. I looked at it closely; it had parts of it eaten by termites and the varnish had worn off completely. Obviously, my head hung in disgust and also shame. We spend our entire lifetime around furniture – right from our baby-cot to perhaps the death-bed, yet, we take this most essential thing of our lives for granted. Furniture matters most when (re)designing rooms/homes. I remember, when I had first moved in years ago, buying furniture was my first thought. And how I've neglected those same stuff that means so much to every household. Well…we learn from our mistakes, I guess. I called my friend to know how to get rid of pesty termites. It is essential to maintain furniture, as these nuisance called termites might strike any moment and damage your precious stuff. I learnt the following -

  • Clean and dust regularly. Using water ( never soak ) while cleaning is okay, but must pat-dry so that no moisture is left, after cleaning.
  • Vacuum clean the uphosltery or as instructed in user manual.
  • After cleaning, apply a thin coat of wax-film over the ( wooden ) furniture and then brush it off later, it till shines.
  • Never let any remnants of eatables lying about, to prevent insects from making your furniture their home or playground.
  • Keep the furniture always dry. Wet and dampness invite troubles like germs.
  • Donot keep furniture near places that gets heated up ( vents or out in the sun ).
  • Coat or spray regularly with a good anti-termite, available in the market.

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    Parts of my side-table are so damaged now that I might just have to buy a new one. I’m so pressed for time that I’m not sure when I’ll get the time to travel all the way to some furniture shop. Even the thought of going all the way, out in this summer heat, and carrying a bulky piece of furniture back home, scares me out big-time. Is there any other option available? These days, ecommerce is at quite a boom, so buying stuff off net is quite common. I have done purchases from numerous sites, but buying furniture online is still something I’m yet to experience. It’s been great knowing that Durian ( an Indian brand, whose ads I’ve mostly seen on Television, but one, whose production line matches international standards ), is expanding its presence in the Indian market and shall be available online too for purchase. I think its really a great option to try i.e buy directly from the brand itself, instead of going through different middle-channels. Because, that way -
  • One can be assured of the Quality.
  • One has no fear of Duplicate stuff.
  • One can be assured of availability and much faster delivery, with over 90% of
    its products now made in India itself.
  • One can actually try and feel them before ordering online too, with their showrooms available across 29 cities.
  • One gets Multiple payment options including COD/EMI; free delivery; free
    assembly; tested thoroughly and topped with a 5 year warranty.
  • One can avail free gift on first purchase and also other offers like makeovers & discounts.
  • One can also just check out their website for more info; its #JustAClickAway!
  • Durian as a brand has done some really massive interior makeovers for the who’s who of the corporate world. To strive for international eco-friendly manufacturing practices, they’ve had collaborations with Canadian experts. And with India emerging as a newly empowered nation, it makes sense to take its business operations in the country to the next level. And Indians too will welcome the brand with open arms, afterall, who doesn’t like international class, elegance and furnishing excellence made possible in our midst? #JustAClickAway! This days with globalisation and windows opening up into the world beyond, we have a whole lot of options at our disposal. The middle-class, that forms a bulk of our population is increasingly getting more style and comfort conscious; and is also willing to shell out some more for a bit of luxury too.

    From the www.Durian.in Online Website - Stuff I'm eyeing already ;-)

    When buying furniture, however, let me point out a few important facts on how to buy right furniture for your home/office -
  • Choosing the 'right' furniture for home or office is very essential.
  • If you choose wrong kind of furniture your work/home-space will end up looking odd and not to mention will make you feel very uncomfortable too.
  • For larger homes, large or grander furniture looks good as there is no dearth of space; but for compact homes one must choose the sizes accordingly. Modern designs suit compact homes mostly.
  • While mirrored walls can give a larger-look effect, walls can be also used to install shelves/cabinets or elongated furniture pieces for storage.
  • Small homes can also use furniture that gives multiple functionalities eg. sofa cum bed, foldable furniture that can be kept away when not in use, opt for furniture that also has storage capabilities.
  • In office too, one must keep in view the working environment while setting up the furniture. eg. Bar stools might look completely out of place in an office. Choose formal looks and always keep comfort in mind.
  • What are your own tips & views on maintaining, buying online and choosing right furniture? Do share :-)


    ( Images - Durian ) | Durian is an International furniture brand since 1981. Durian has a legacy and the ability to create a better lifestyle in the interior space. From being the pioneers in veneer business to being the leading infrastructure company and a lifestyle brand, they have had a journey that led them to be among the leading furniture brands in the market. Durian now wishes to cater to its masses and so manufactures 90% of its products in India, since 2011.
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