Two Homes....Two Scenarios...

Home 1..¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪¸¸..
Early in the morning, close to dawn-break, Sushma gets up and begins her daily chores. A quick cleaning and dusting of the house and a bath later, she spends two minutes in the prayer-room before attacking the kitchen as she prepares breakfast for the family as well as packs hurried tiffins for her husband who goes to office; her kids who go to school and for herself – yes, she goes to office too. She is a working woman, and this has been her daily schedule for years now, barely getting any time to breath. By the time she finishes with the kitchen, she checks on her family, who are still in deep sleep. She gets about waking them and helping through their daily routines too, especially her kids. It’s a chore in itself getting her kids ready. Her husband slowly gets up, just about an hour before he leaves for office, and after washing heads straight for the morning newspaper. Stale news, he grumbles and switches on the Television instead and asks Sushma for his breakfast. He wants it hot, so Sushma has to re-heat the food and tea. Sushma sees her kids off to school, as their school-bus comes to pick them up and after all done she finally eats her own breakfast while juggling meanwhile to get ready for work, herself. Her husband has already left for work, with hardly any pleasantries exchanged between them.
In the evening too, Sushma prepares dinner after arriving home, exhausted after a full day’s work in office. Her husband arrives and merely sits lazily in front of the TV, doing nothing, except asking if the dinner is ready or not. After serving dinner, Sushma collects her family’s dirty clothes and starts the washing machine. While getting the task finished, she waters her pots, and then checks on her kid's homework late in the evening, after which she finally has her dinner; and by the time her husband utters a word or two of romance, she has no mood at all as she is tired and has another busy day waiting for her, the next day. The husband snorts at the snub and goes to sleep by himself. They are simply existing side by side, with hardly any time for each other. Inside, how Sushma wished everyday, that Arun ( her husband ) would sometimes atleast share the load - and how things would be so different then!

Home 2..¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪¸¸
Rati wakes up from bed with a warm kiss planted on her forehead. She smiles lazily as the sexy musky-breath hovers above her. It’s her husband Rishi. He has found yet another way to seduce her this morning. Getting up earlier than her, just to surprise her, how romantic was it. After jogging in the morning, he had even found the time to do cleaning of the house, as she observed around her. Their home sparkled as it greeted the warm morning sun. “I have to iron the clothes,” Rishi whispered, “come soon.” With that, he went to make her a cup of green-tea first. Iron clothes? Rati remembered, Rishi had done the laundry the previous evening itself. With a big smile lighting up her radiant face, she jumped from bed and went straight to the kitchen. She hugged her husband tightly from behind. Rishi was the perfect husband. Caring, sharing. Always there.

After washing herself, Rati took over the kitchen, but Rishi still hung around asking if she needed any help. That gesture was sweet enough for her to shower Rishi with some more warm kisses, all over his neatly shaven-face. Their life was full of romance. There was never a dull or an indifferent moment. As Rati said, she’d manage, Rishi went to get the kids. He loved waking them up with jokes, preparing them with their baths and dressing them up for school ( he even loved to check on their homework & school progress every evening ). Within a few moments the entire family was at the breakfast table, having breakfast together. As the bus picked the kids, Rishi and Rati still had a few cozy moments to share. Rishi dropped Rati at her work place, before going to his own office. Sharing the load quickened things and made it possible to share so much more delightful moments with each other. Once returning home too, they'd both prepare dinner together or take turns every alternate days ( even the laundry ). Life was bliss.

So, which scenario would you prefer?

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( Images - ) | Sharing of load within the household leads to a happier, better quality household. This sense of equality within the household leads to more quality time with each other and results in success for the household. Ariel is endeavouring to reduce the inequality in households when it comes to household chores by asking people to #ShareTheLoad proudly after highlighting the imbalance that exists in Indian families when it comes to housework.
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  1. Well written, Nandini. Clearly shows the difference...

  2. We need more such men in this world, and the population of such men has been increasing now a days!! #ShareTheLoad


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