The 3 things that you have been putting off for the future and would do right now if given a chance...

When I was young and didn't know about life or death, I was quite sure in my mind that human beings lived forever - after all, they were the superior species compared to others. In school, we had history as a subject and also I had read tonnes of comic books depicting lives of those same kings and queens ( that we read in history books ) – but the fact that they all had died, still didn’t register in my mind that ~ death was a stark fact. In school, when one day we got the news of our classmate’s accidental death, it was the first time I got to know 'death' close – as I used to sit on the same bench with her. The vacant seat near mine, which she used to occupy, haunted me for quite a while with the fact that life was temporary. And when one uncle of mine passed away, I knew death was just around the corner waiting to pounce at us, at any moment. It was the time I realized, this life is not permanent at all – and certainly not for humans. There's no escape from death; it may take a while - but comes, it does! Infact, humans are at a greater risk now because of many man-made disasters they become victim of – most common being accidents on any mode of transport, unhealthy lifestyles that triggers so many diseases which results in untimely deaths and so on, besides the natural causes.

With the realization of the 'reality of death', another realization instantly dawns upon us, that there’s no #SecondChance. If I want to go back to my childhood and re-live those days, can I do it? Certainly not! I’ve no time-machine to take me there, except my memories. And why just childhood, lost opportunities too hardly come by again. And with the fact that there’s only this life we’ve got, that ‘only chance’ we get becomes so much more precious. Because, we might never get it again. Kal ho na ho….

However, do I fear death? No! Do I want to stop living my life fully, just because death is around the corner? No! Instead, knowing that we have so little time in our hands I want to live and breathe every moment, cherish it and do all things possible, that I’ve been postponing uptil now. Oh! There are so many things I’ve just procrastinated – but I guess, I need to pull up my socks now and get them done because there’s really no #SecondChance. The first 3 things that comes to my mind are...

  • Travel and explore the world like a nomad : Yes, that’s my first 'do-to' that I’m converting into a 'will-do' right away. I want to see as much as I can of this beautiful planet 'earth' where the Almighty has placed me luckily. However, travelling can be bit expensive too. So what I'll try to do is ~ try to travel the close by unexplored places first and hopefully cover the world. I plan to blog my experiences too and share what I see and do. Yes, 'do' as many adventurous stuff I can, on these travels for sure.

  • Do more charity, help others and spread awareness : Sounds clichéd right? Well, to be honest, I’ve not really done much except perhaps given a few coins and some old clothes to a handful odd beggars, in my entire lifetime. I ask myself, will I take wealth with me after I die? The answer I get is - No! We come empty hand, we go back empty hand. So, why not do a little good, which I’ve been badly lacking at so far - yes, I admit I've been selfish :| Making someone less-fortunate little happy is not a bad deal right? I don’t want to just throw coins at beggars, but if possible do collective good. Maybe get few people together with me as well, so that the impact is larger. I also want to devote more time in spreading awareness on as many social issues I can. I've done only a bit through my blog, but would want to do it more in real-offline world practically.

  • Do a smashing Rock-Concert : Many know that I do music too, but unlike others I've not been very ambitious about it. The struggle in the industry has always unnerved me and the sacrifice & compromises one needs to make for the 'fame', puts me off totally. I like things easy and where I don't have to struggle much. And with the field being so competitive as it is, I've always preferred to keep quite a low profile. I've done few music shows, but they are not that big. And as a musician, a huge concert is always the cherished dream. Now, I'd really love to do atleast one grand-scale rock concert, and rock the world truly. Ah-that one ~ Michael Jackson style! This, I must...

    Getting an Insurance Cover ~ While I was writing the 3 things I'd love to do right now, if given a chance, I couldn't help but remember the uncle of mine who’s death I wrote about earlier. Well, it pained to see the awful times their family went through, for the lack of insurance cover. My uncle died in his early-thirties in an accident, leaving behind his two young sons and widowed wife. The wife didn’t have a job at the time. On his death, they were literally on the streets. It’s a terrible thing to watch – the sufferings of ones left behind with untimely death and without proper planning for future. I love and care for my family, and I wouldn’t want them to face so much hardships, so early in life ~ incase, something similar happens to me. You never know, cos' kal ho na ho... I’d want to make their lives safe and secure as much as I can. So, taking a life insurance cover from a trusted insurance company is something that I'll definitely do, as this is the only sure way to protect my loved ones ~ as there’s simply no #SecondChance!

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    ( Images - ) | What is the guarantee that the future will give you a chance to do all the things that you have been putting off till now? All of us have a bucket list of things to do when we have more time, more money, less responsibilities, but the stark truth is that many of us, too many of us don’t strike off most of the things in this list. Because there is no #SecondChance.
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