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Hunger - what it is I wasn't aware of, until I started living on my own. When I was a child, I was quite stubborn and fussy about food. If I didn't like it, everything would end up in the waste-bin. And it was a daily affair, inspite of my mother telling me not to waste food etc. Thing is, when you are a child you hardly understand how much hard work goes behind bringing that plate of food in front of you, at your table. You take it for granted that since your parents are working they'll always provide for you; and food shall never be an issue.

Only when you start living on your own and become independent, you realize finally, how much you've wasted while feeding off others. That realization came to me when I started living on my own, and I instantly regretted how much food I used to throw away when I was a child. Today, every grain every morsel is important to me and I value it and thank God for it. I shudder at food wastage. Another realization dawned upon me, that while I squandered off so much food as a child, there are so many millions of unfortunate children out there who hardly gets to eat one meal a day. With the overwhelming population that India has, many poor parents put their children into child labour ( even though it is banned ) at an early age, and they miss going to school in an attempt to earn bread for the family. Some don't even manage that and get down to begging on the streets and quite often sleep on an empty stomach too, forget attending school altogether. Some, even if they attend some govt school, they can't always maintain their focus on studies, as they are on an empty stomach.

There are certain govt backed NGOs like Akshaya Patra, who are trying to eliminate classroom hunger forever. They arrange mid-day meals for children in various local schools, so that the children can attend school regularly and not with an empty stomach. The NGO, along with Blogadda has started this applaudable initiative where each blogpost feeds a child for an entire year. How could I not be part of such a noble cause which is so essential. If my blogpost can bring a smile in a child's face, then there's nothing more fulfilling than that. And the more bloggers does it, more children gets food for entire year - and thus, can go to school without hunger pangs distracting or stopping them. However, I seriously hope, they get food not just for a year, but until they finish studies and can stand on their own feet :-) DO BLOG TO FEED!

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Your words have the power to improve someone’s life! Every day millions of children are forced to choose between hunger and education. Without access to even one square meal a day they have to work to help support their family, at the cost of their future success. However, there are many of us who can help turn their lives around. Be the one to make a difference, be the one to make a change. Blog to feed a child and help us end classroom hunger in India.
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  1. Wonderful post. I am completely touched by the wonderful writing. Firstly, yes wastage of food is not at all a very good thing but we hardly realize the same until we are grown up enough. So we should utilize each grain. Secondly, blogadda is doing a very good job and if each blogpost feeds so many poor children then m definitely gonna blog here for sure. Thank u so much for the noble share.


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